We Amplify The Best Blockchain Startups

Draper Goren Holm, founded by Alon Goren and Josef Holm, is a fintech venture studio focused on incubating and accelerating early-stage blockchain startups.

Josef and Alon are the same team that has built two of the world’s top blockchain investment conferences; Crypto Invest Summit (CIS) and Security Token Summit. In 2019 they partnered with billionaire investor Tim Draper to build the next generation blockchain technology hub in Los Angeles.

Events & Services

Draper Goren Holm produces two of the leading event series’ in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space and operates a consulting business that are lightning rods to quality deal-flow and a testament to our execution and access.

Invest & Amplify

We invest in stand-out companies with exceptional teams. Once in our portfolio, we amplify their efforts by utilizing our platform and partnerships, like the one we have with the Draper Venture Network.

Incubate & Grow

When we encounter pain-points in our industry, we assemble the best entrepreneurs in the space, create a startup and attack those opportunities together with our corporate partners and partner funds.