WEALTHTECH INSIDER: Executing a Sustainable & Profitable Path for Business Growth

Client experience, equality, and long-term growth, featuring Heather Robertson Fortner


While we’re all experiencing a far from normal Thanksgiving this year, the holiday still allows us to look back and reflect on all that we’re grateful for and the milestones we’ve reached this year.

As we take time to reconnect, we invite you to listen to The Fuse Show, Orion’s ongoing podcast. Its most recent guest, SignatureFD CEO Heather Robertson Fortner, joined co-hosts Ryan Donovan and George Svagera in a conversation about sustaining growth with a focus on client experience, a culture of service, and empathy. She is a long-time client of Orion and has advocated for the power of technology to transform the delivery of financial advice. Needless to say, we were excited to have her on the show.

As the first woman to lead her firm, Heather’s mission is to take on the racial biases and inequalities all too prevalent in the financial services industry. It’s a cause we wholeheartedly support, and here at Orion we are working to do the very same.

Listen to her here, and get caught up on the rest of our episodes.

The Fuse Show | Episode 16: Heather Fortner on executing a sustainable & profitable path for business growth

About The Fuse Show

Launched by Orion Advisor Tech, The Fuse Show provides an in-depth look at the latest news in the fintech industry with the influencers and leaders behind the trends. Co-hosts Ryan Donovan and George Svagera aim to help financial advisors understand the rapid evolution of the ideas and technology they use to Prospect, Plan, Invest, and Achieve. The Fuse Show highlights a wide range of topics, including fintech trends, mergers and acquisitions, marketing during times of crisis, upcoming events, and solutions that drive firm growth.

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