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The column “Martech Minutes” is created by Fresh Finance.

Started in 2009, Fresh Finance’s broad industry knowledge helps financial companies and their advisors maintain relationships and attract new clients through educational finance content. Fresh Finance helps fill the content needs that advisors often experience in their marketing plans, to provide them with more time for what matters- their clients.

Today, Fresh Finance’s specialties include financial education content curation and automation through its proprietary marketing software (MarTech) that distributes an advisor branded, investor-friendly digital newsletter, content library, and social media content provided by third-party financial publishers through its advisor UX.

Fresh Finance works with financial corporations, finance content publishers, FinTechs and SaaS providers. The company also licenses their software as a white-label content distribution ‘do-it-yourself’ marketing tool for financial marketing departments, corporations, and financial professionals.

More about Fresh Finance > https://www.freshfinance.us/content-marketing-for-advisors/

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