JIFFY.ai Illuminations: An Automation Center of Excellence Can Simplify the Most Complex Businesses with...

Wealth management firms may take a deeper dive into automation by adopting a transformational approach, says Sudhish Sasidharan, Solutions Consultant with JIFFY.ai.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: Embarking on that ambitious Automation project? Make sure you have these champs...

Implementing technology automation in financial services firms is a human effort intensive process. Major automation initiatives can fail or stall if the wrong people are assigned to the wrong tasks.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: Automating Customer Journeys End-To-End – The End Is The Beginning 

Until recently, most enterprises in the financial services industry had been looking at automation merely as a step within a business process. The approach to adopting automation was more tactical than strategic.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: The Internal Sale of Automation

While the management might want to implement technology at the enterprise level to solve a business challenge, effective automation requires implementation that drills down to each stakeholder.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: What Financial Services Firms Should Look For While Automating Business Processes

Leaders of most Financial Services firms and several Advisors keep wondering where and how to start automating their business processes for the best results. The answer to that is rather multifaceted.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: Is April Too Early to Revisit Your 2022 Technology Plan?

According to Michael Partnow, Head of Wealth Management at JIFFY.ai, an intelligent automation platform, Spring's the perfect time to revisit the annual technology plan.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: To Solve Big Technology Problems, Try Looking At The Whole Picture

Re-making a wealth management firm with end-to-end automation and technology takes a major investment of time and effort, but in the end holds the promise to deliver an ideal user experience for all.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: Automation is Supercharging The Account Opening Process

While the rapid advancements in financial technology will never completely replace a human Financial Advisor relationship, it is definitely changing the way wealth management firms work.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: Disrupt with Compassion!

Technology should be implemented for the sake of people, the industry and to make our world a better place today and for future generations. But technologists don’t always have the people top of mind.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: Rethinking Wealth Management’s Relationship With Technology Providers

For years, much of the wealth management industry has viewed technology providers like vendors when they should be viewed as partners, said Crystal Andrus of JIFFY.ai.