Partners with Expedia Allowing Travelers to Book Additional Destinations with Cryptocurrency


Expedia and have recently partnered to allow crypto-based travel bookings. The partnership between the two firms has allowed over 700,000 additional accommodations to be booked through with cryptocurrency, which already has over 2 million accommodation options in 230 countries available to travelers.

Alfonso Paredes, the Senior Vice President at Expedia Group, said the partnership with aims to expand their business faster than it has in the past. He also stated that through partnership support and cutting-edge technology, will create an easy and fantastic traveling experience. The CEO of Travala, Juan Otero, complemented this statement by commenting that Expedia’s API will allow travelers to book four- and five-star hotels at their top destinations with numerous types of payment methods. 

This is the outcome of the partnership with a subsidiary of Expedia, dubbed Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS). The partnership allows Travala the access to EPS’s Rapid application programming interface, allowing the firm to offer Expedia’s accommodations to it users. signed a similar deal in November 2019 with which resulted in the addition of over 90,000 destinations to Travala’s website. Travala released data in January 2020, that after this partnership, revenues increased by 33% despite the concerns of COVID-19. Recently, Travala also merged with a cryptocurrency flight booking service, TravelByBit, in May 2020 further expanding their platform to provide additional services toward travelers using cryptocurrency. These partnerships have allowed Travala to showcase around the world destinations combined with the acceptance of numerous types of currency, including Bitcoin and Travala’s own crypto currency, to present a user-friendly travelers website.