REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: The “Distraction” of Bitcoin as a Currency

Just like our ancestors used precious metals & real estate to store wealth, the modern generation has found a new avenue - Bitcoin. Michael Saylor has suggested that BTC might serve as an efficient wealth store for many.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Solana DEX Jupiter as an Institutional Token

Every so often, a token surfaces that captures our collective attention, and today, that token is Solana’s decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator, Jupiter.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: The Intersection of Cryptocurrency, Extended Reality, and the Apple Vision Pro

The advent of the Apple Vision Pro, coupled with applications like OTOY's Archive and the Render Network, exemplifies a remarkable convergence of extended reality (XR), cryptocurrency, and digital creativity.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Understanding the Risks: Why Investing in Grayscale Grantor Trusts at a...

Let's talk about these premiums on Grayscale Grantor Trusts. In simple terms, a premium occurs when the market price of a trust unit is greater than the net asset value (NAV) of the cryptocurrency it represents.


Changes are coming that will make our experience online better in many ways. This is happening quickly and is a result of the explosive growth of “Web3” . 

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Building a Balanced $10,000 Cryptocurrency Portfolio in 2024

For those diving into cryptocurrency investing, a diversified approach is often recommended. One effective strategy is to construct a balanced portfolio with your allocated funds.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Tips on How to Avoid Crypto Scams

Crypto offers avenues for financial growth & innovation, but also comes with risks. To protect yourself & your investments, it's essential to exercise caution, conduct thorough research & seek professional guidance.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: AR & VR Catalysts are Coming

As we step into the New Year, the tech world is poised on the cusp of a monumental shift, particularly in the realms of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: How FASB’s Updated Standards Could Accelerate Crypto Adoption

The recent updates by The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) on fair value measurement standards for digital assets mark a pivotal shift in how businesses can report their crypto holdings

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Michael Saylor on Why a Bitcoin ETF Matters

Michael Saylor believe that the impending spot Bitcoin ETF is a monumental offering poised to inject trillions of dollars into the BTC space & believes it to be a game-changing industry catalyst.