REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: The Metaverse – What Advisors Need To Know

The metaverse has been a hot topic of discussion lately. To better answer questions for their clients, it would be helpful for advisors to understand what the metaverse is and where is this all coming from.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Crypto-Curious? A Guide to Digital Asset Exposure

Massive institutions and working-class professionals alike are demonstrating unprecedented demand for digital assets. For many, the question is how, not if, to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: When It Comes To Managing Crypto For Clients, Advisors Might Want...

Especially with current market volatility, the best way for advisors to work with cryptocurrencies on behalf of their clients may be holding digital assets in professionally managed cryptocurrency accounts.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Time Is Now For Advisors To Learn Crypto, Blockchain

The wealth management space is late to the blockchain discussion. Crypto enthusiasts have been talking about the technology for over a decade, mostly among themselves, and have developed their own language.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Crypto, I Love You, Now Change–Regulation Summer Goes On

So far “Regulation Summer” has lived up to the hype. Regulators in the US and abroad have introduced several pieces of crypto-focused legislation, and many market participants are happy to see them.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Non-Profits and Blockchain-How Charities Can Benefit

The nonprofit industry is evolving. Blockchain technology, philanthropic tokens, NFTs, and the blockchain community can provide benefits to help the nonprofits keep up.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: What is Tokenization and Why Does It Matter In Real Estate?

Real estate tokenization continues to grow. according to a Moore Global report in August 2021. Tokenization can simplify the very complex nature of real estate investing through blockchain technology. 

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: How NFTs Allow Fashion and Luxury to Penetrate the Metaverse

The Bugatti Group, an 82-year-old owner of eight luxury brands focused primarily on bags and luggage, is preparing to enter the NFT space. Licensing partners include The Rolling Stones, Celine Dion & more.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: Blockchain Gaming Market Cap and Trading Volume Continues Growth Despite Market...

Despite the market downturn, the blockchain gaming industry appeared to show continued growth in every direction. Here are some news snippets that were intriguing despite the rise or fall of prices.

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: 1000 Words on Davos

During our recent trip to Davos, we spent the majority of our time at the “Blockchain Hub”, a centrally located NFT art gallery which also hosted presentations by blockchain developers and thought leaders.

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