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WEALTHTECH INSIDER: Transition Advisors – Navigating The Broker Protocol

More than a third of advisors want more control over their business when going independent or switching their broker dealer, but one wrong step, could cause significant legal issue to arise. 

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: Uncovering A New Behavioral Investing Framework

Behavioral finance has enhanced financial planning by working to address people’s behavioral & emotional needs around money, acknowledging that emotional decision making is the genesis of many financial errors.

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: Four Steps for Having Difficult Conversations with Clients

When the market goes haywire or a client’s financial life is jolted, how do you help them stick to their plans? It’s important that advisors give advice & comfort in a way that is consistent with research around “stickiness.”

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: 10 Cutting-Edge Tech Tools That Can Upgrade Your Practice, Part 1

Orion’s experts have shared 10 next-generation upgrades to the Orion platform that will enhance the experience for investors while making advisors’ lives a lot easier.

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: The First 8 Years from Startup to Enterprise

For growing financial firms, the first $1 billion in AUM is the most difficult to achieve because of the amount of change that takes place as a practice becomes a business, and a business transforms into an enterprise.

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: Investor Emotion – Don’t Beat It, Join It

Behavioral finance is sometimes mistakenly seen as a vehicle for ridding investors of their pesky emotions & irrational quirks, so they become something like the Homo Economicus economists imagined them to be.

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: These Personal Finance Myths Hold Investors Back

The world is awash with personal finance advice online and in books, but much of it is not helpful to individuals and families, and some of it is harmful.

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: How Technology Can Help Advisors Service HNW Clients

Technology can’t replace the expertise & personal nature of the client/advisor relationship, but it can add efficiencies that keep an advisor on-task & better able to focus their time on a client’s needs.

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: Three Ways Wealthtech Helps Advisors Through Capital Gains Tax Hikes

No matter how the politics in Washington play out, you can count on investors making tax management a larger part of their decision-making process.

WEALTHTECH INSIDER: Why Now Is a Crucial Time to Talk About Risk, Part 1

2022 seems like a risky year. Yet many investors still struggle to come to terms with the concept of risk, said Daniel Crosby recently on his Standard Deviations podcast from Orion Advisor Solutions.