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Docupace is a solutions provider focused on digitizing and automating operations in the financial advice and investment industry. Financial services firms use the Docupace Platform (a cloud-based, integrated software suite) to reduce back-office expenses, improve efficiency, strengthen recruiting, and enhance the experience of advisors and investors. Docupace is proud to serve some of the largest independent broker-dealers and registered investment advisers (RIAs) in the financial services industry. The company was recently named a finalist in two categories for WealthManagement.com’s 2022 “Wealthie” Awards and PreciseFP was the 2021 winner in the client onboarding solution category. The company was named to the 2021 Inc. 5000 list of America’s fastest-growing companies; listed as a Top 100 FinTech by Cramer + Associates, named to the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2021 list of “Disruptors”, won the 2021 Gold Globee® Award for “Hot Technology of the Year”, and included in Industry Wired’s Top 10 list of Most Recommended FinTech Solution Providers in 2020.

For more information, please visit www.docupace.com.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Why Firms Should Prioritize Compliance

A damaged reputation leads clients to withdraw funds and scares away investors, according to Michael Pinsker, which can lead even a highly successful firm to spiral towards an ignoble end

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Your Voice is Your Unique Differentiator–Advisors Must Find Theirs

Financial advisors that establish a sage voice – don’t explain what’s happening, but what it means for the audience – quickly earn trust and loyalty in today’s noisy world.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Transforming Data Entry To Transform Your Wealth Management Firm

The industry needs a platform that helps advisors & firms gather accurate client data efficiently, and then shares that data with all of the pieces of an advisor’s tech stack.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: The Most Effective Path to Lead Generation

Wealth management firms have a hard time growing without finding some mechanism to find the clients that they want to serve—a process called lead generation.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Steps to Digitizing Back Office Operations

Wealth management firms are experiencing a growing sense of urgency to modernize their back-office operations and bring them into better alignment with the front-line of their business.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Firms Pivot To The Back Office To Restore Balance

For years, firms have emphasized their front-office business in lieu of their back-office operations. Not just in wealth management, but across industries.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Why Technology Now Belongs At The Center Of Client Relationships

Many advisors who have had a love-hate relationship with technology are coming to embrace tools necessary to evolve and grow their practices for the future.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Where Advisory Firms Should Spend their Digital Marketing Dollars

To make the most of their digital marketing dollars, advisors should prioritize proven strategies for success: website design, search engine optimization, and unique content.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Celebrating the 2023 Winners

A back office hero is someone who ensures the behind-the-scenes work is taken care of in a wealth management firm so others can devote more of their focus to helping clients, said Ryan George, CMO at Docupace.

BACK OFFICE HEROES: Making Operational Excellence Your Strongest DIfferentiator

Operational excellence seems like a lofty goal for many firms, but putting it into practice is not only possible — it’s necessary to reach growth opportunities and provide a top-tier client experience.