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Blockchain Education

DIGITAL WEALTH NEWS is proud to have been selected to partner with the University of Wyoming Center for Blockchain & Digital Innovation, under the leadership of Professor Steve Lupien, to create a series of 12 educational modules on blockchain for Wyoming high school and community college students.

The project was called “Blockchain Education for Everyone” or BEE for short, and the modules will be created by American Crypto Academy.

The modules will be availed to Wyoming students beginning with the 2024 school year, and will also be available for purchase by other state and local education systems for their students. Select corporate sponsorships will also be availed.

In our interview series below, we spoke with all the key stakeholders in the project.

For information on licensing the blockchain content for your school or organization, or becoming a corporate sponsor for the series, contact cindy_(at)_dwealth_(dot)_com.

WYOMING BEE | Blockchain Education for Everyone: Meet Caitlin Long

Custodia Bank founder Caitlin Long has become a household name in blockchain circles & is providing guidance for the WYO BEE Initiative

WYOMING BEE | Blockchain Education for Everyone: Meet Professor Steve Lupien

Below is a synopsis of a wide-ranging interview recently conducted by Digital Wealth News with Professor Steve Lupien, Director of the University of Wyoming...

WYOMING BEE | Blockchain Education for Everyone: Meet Jahon Jamali

By Mike Wilkins Like so many other people shaping the conversation in the world of blockchain and digital currencies today, the route Jahon Jamali took...

WYOMING BEE | Blockchain Education for Everyone: Meet Dr. Michelle Aldrich

By Mike Wilkins Dr. Michelle Aldrich is the state career and technical education director for the Wyoming Department of Education. As part of her responsibilities,...

WYOMING BEE | Blockchain Education for Everyone: Meet Candace Ryder

By Mike Wilkins When Candace Ryder joined the University of Wyoming as a Faculty Development Professional in early 2020, she had no idea what was...

WYOMING BEE | Blockchain Education for Everyone: Meet Bill Taylor

By Mike Wilkins Bill Taylor is a preeminent and widely published international thought leader on investing in Bitcoin, Digital Assets & Gold.  He has over...