JIFFY.ai Illuminations: How Financial Firms Can Decide What to Automate First

How can companies starting on their technology journey identify the right process to automate? The answer is multifaceted, per Phil Sheridan at JIFFY.ai, an autonomous enterprise platform for finserv organizations.

Wealthtech Insider: Advisors Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Talk Taxes In 2022

Financial advisors have a huge opportunity to help their clients with tax issues. The problem is that many advisors believe providing tax assistance to their clients is tantamount to providing tax advice.

Fintech Corner: 7 Strategies to Help Wealth Managers Stem the Flood of Data

“Today’s wealth management industry is awash with data but starved of insight,” according to Adrian Johnstone of Practifi. “We have so much information but lack clarity on how to manage it and what to do with it.”

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: 1000 Words on Davos

During our recent trip to Davos, we spent the majority of our time at the “Blockchain Hub”, a centrally located NFT art gallery which also hosted presentations by blockchain developers and thought leaders.

MARKETING ADVICE: Simple Steps for Financial Advisors To Start Blogging

In the digital age, advisors who want to organically attract more clients and prospects need to raise their voices over the din of the crowd, according to Matuya Brand, Head of Content and B2B marketing for TIFIN Clout

The Taylor Report (6/21/22)

Stay aware of what's really going on (recession possibility, rising interest rates, inflation, etc.) and reduce risk as needed. Bear markets do NOT end after only a few months (or just because you want them to).

Publisher Notes For 6/21/22

Happy Summer, Friends!  We cover so many important and diverse topics for financial professionals this week including inflation, market history, data management. the metaverse, managing the volatile crypto sector and "autonomous enterprise" plus more. READ UP!

REAL CLEAR CRYPTO: When It Comes To Managing Crypto For Clients, Advisors Might Want...

Especially with current market volatility, the best way for advisors to work with cryptocurrencies on behalf of their clients may be holding digital assets in professionally managed cryptocurrency accounts.

Wealthtech Insider: How Inflation May Change the World—and What Investors Can Do About It

“Inflation is not a problem for our time, it is a problem for all time,” said Michael Ashton on a recent podcast hosted by Rusty Vanneman of Orion Portfolio Solutions.

JIFFY.ai Illuminations: How The “Autonomous Enterprise” Will Change Wealth Management For The Better

JIFFY.ai is hard at work to build a future where organizations are extremely efficient and able to deliver superior, personalized and digital enabled services to their clients.