MARTECH MINUTES: Why Becoming a Thought Leader is Vital for Advisors

When your target audience considers you a thought leader who provides answers and knowledge relevant to their circumstances, you've won against your competition.

The Taylor Market Report (6/4/24)

With summer just getting under way and vacation time picking up, I continue to stress the need for market neutrality......EXCEPT BITCOIN. Gold is off for the week, ETH is pausing after getting spot ETF approval and the S&P 500 is lower and wallowing around. BUT, BITCOIN arises.

DWN Publisher Notes For 6/5/24

Friends, we're traveling this week to the Dallas area, but the newsletter & website are still chock full of great news & industry info plus insight into the dark side of AI & a look at the latest cohort from wealthtech accelerator The Founders Arena...READ UP!!

WEALTHTECH 3.0: Going Beyond the Tech

While traditional 'branding' is a familiar concept, building a personal brand for the founder and key team members is a distinct endeavor and extends beyond the company and the logo, beginning with integrity.

MARTECH MINUTES: Delivering on Client Expectations

Client expectations have dramatically changed over the past few years. Marketing professionals are now responsible for demonstrating how the organization and its advisors aim to improve a client's financial wellness.


By Michael Partnow "Memories” Memories, pressed between the pages of my mindMemories, sweetened through the ages just like wineQuiet...

The Taylor Market Report (5/28/24)

Interest rates are not going down. If rates sitting where they are can't get inflation under 3%, what will it take to get inflation down to the fed's target of 2%?? Answer? Higher rates.

DWN Publisher Notes For 5/29/24

Friends, we hope you had a beatuiful Memorial Day! We are so grateful to live in America & thankful to all who have served in the military.  Meanwhile, we found a "unique opportunity" for you even while VC fundings & sector news continued over the holiday week...READ UP!

MARTECH MINUTES: How Financial Education Helps Grow AUM

For financial advisors, a significant reason clients leave their advisors and seek new ones is a need for more communication, namely, financial education.

The Taylor Market Report (5/21/24)

OVERALL. ALL the markets (equities, commodities, crypto) feel like there may be a huge speculative upside "blow off" coming. Exciting? Yes. Scary? Yes, that too.