DWN Op-Ed: WealthTech’s Three Marketing Mountains (And How to Climb Them)

By Kelly Waltrich It came to me abruptly, while I was recording a podcast about what I’ve learned from working with so many wealthtech and...

DWN Op-Ed: Seat Belts and Crypto?

Well there ya go. Investor protection is as simple as wearing your car's seat belt. At least that's what Gary Gensler (Chairman of the...

DWN Roundtable: How Digitally Enabled Alt Platforms Opened Doors in this Bear Market

As is tradition, the arrival of a Bear market gives rise to alternative investment (alts) platforms. The decade's...

DWN Round Table: Tech Drives Growth, Influences Decision Process for Advisor Recruitment

The recent bear market has yet to impact the seeming record-pace of advisor recruitment across the wealth management space. Especially as advisors and firms find their post-pandemic footing, technology has played a more significant role in this process over the past year, according to the experts we spoke with for the latest Digital Wealth News roundtable.

DWN Op-Ed:  PE RegTech – From SEC Rules to Crypto, Urgency of Digital Solutions...

While the “Rule of Three” isn’t enshrined in any regulatory code or compliance protocol, it is a fitting construct for discussions of regtech in the private equity space today. Without question, the private equity space comes with a highly dynamic regulatory and legal environment, and this drives the kinds of technology solutions needed to address a constantly changing ecosystem.

DWN Round Table: Technology Demands of Digital Native NextGen HNW and HENRY Clients

The next generation of high-net-worth (HNW) and high-earning, not rich yet (HENRY) investors do not remember a time without instant access to information, text messaging or social media, and many do not want to use the phone.

DWN Op-Ed: Biden’s War on Digital Assets: Part One – The Battle for Your...

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a war going on. However, this war is not in the Ukraine. Nor is it against Russians. Rather, these battles are being fought right here on US soil, with regulatory bullets, against decentralized finance and digital assets.

DWN Op-Ed: Between the Lines of Biden’s Executive Order on Digital Assets

Being touted as “the first ever, whole-of-government approach to addressing the risks and harnessing the potential benefits of digital assets and their underlying technology”, President Biden just released his anticipated Executive Order on how he intends to tackle digital asset innovation.

DWN Round Table: Effective Post-M&A Technology Integration for RIA Firms

Sky high valuations for RIAs fuel a seemingly unstoppable flow of consolidation within this segment of the wealth management industry. Supported by private equity capital and creative partnership models, there seems to be no end in sight to the massive shift in this space to build larger, more valuable RIAs.

DWN Round Table: Tech Enabled Recruitment Trends Two Years into the Pandemic

Digital Wealth News asked four executives from a diverse group of wealth management firms to discuss how the pandemic impacted recruitment and how they it to evolve as we face down year three of pandemic impacted advisor outreach.