The Week in Digital Wealth (6/8/21)

Fintechs continue to grab the spotlight on a global stage as venture capital chases startups and the pipeline continues to grow for more mature companies to list in the public markets, mostly through SPACs. The pace of deals does not appear to be slowing down as fintech billionaires are minted overseas while Asia and Latin America seek to raise their profile for tech innovation. The Robinhood of Pakistan’s investment app is one of two fintech related rounds just announced. And millennials are fueling a transformation in banks to a more digitized business model. Let’s dive in.

The Week in Digital Wealth (6/1/21)

The fintech ecosystem has expanded to include offshoots, such as insurtech and auto fintech, for example. It gives companies a unique calling card, and it seems everybody wants a slice of the fintech pie these days. You can’t blame them, given the rate at which fintechs are reaching unicorn status as Silicon Valley and Wall Street alike pile into these names. This past week was no different.

The Week in Digital Wealth (5/26/21)

If these persistently low interest rates have got you down, you’re not alone. Big investors are fed up too. They are scouring the markets for the next big score and are increasingly turning their attention to fintech. Based on the market conditions, it is easy to see why.

The Week in Digital Wealth (5/18/21)

Fintech firms are hitting on all cylinders lately, making a splash in some of the trendiest deals in the capital markets and helping to shape the financial industry of the future. In fact, one of the mega IPOs of the year so far involves a payment technology unicorn that is about to become a household name. Whether it’s real estate opportunities, SPAC deals or digital currencies, financial technology companies ranging from mobile banking startups to payments platforms are setting the pace.

The Week in Digital Wealth (5/11/21)

After a robust first quarter in which fintech startups gripped the headlines for unprecedented VC fundraisings, the momentum continues. Last week was no exception — including a multi-billion dollar exit for a Utah-based fintech unicorn. In addition, fintech firms are raising capital at a dizzying pace in emerging markets, while they have also moved into the conversation for one of the hottest niches in crypto — central bank digital currencies (CBDCs.)