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MarTech Minutes

The column “Martech Minutes” is created by Fresh Finance.

Started in 2009, Fresh Finance’s broad industry knowledge helps financial companies and their advisors maintain relationships and attract new clients through educational finance content. Fresh Finance helps fill the content needs that advisors often experience in their marketing plans, to provide them with more time for what matters- their clients.

Today, Fresh Finance’s specialties include financial education content curation and automation through its proprietary marketing software (MarTech) that distributes an advisor branded, investor-friendly digital newsletter, content library, and social media content provided by third-party financial publishers through its advisor UX.

Fresh Finance works with financial corporations, finance content publishers, FinTechs and SaaS providers. The company also licenses their software as a white-label content distribution ‘do-it-yourself’ marketing tool for financial marketing departments, corporations, and financial professionals.

More about Fresh Finance:

MARTECH MINUTES: Why Becoming a Thought Leader is Vital for Advisors

When your target audience considers you a thought leader who provides answers and knowledge relevant to their circumstances, you've won against your competition.

MARTECH MINUTES: Delivering on Client Expectations

Client expectations have dramatically changed over the past few years. Marketing professionals are now responsible for demonstrating how the organization and its advisors aim to improve a client's financial wellness.

MARTECH MINUTES: How Financial Education Helps Grow AUM

For financial advisors, a significant reason clients leave their advisors and seek new ones is a need for more communication, namely, financial education.

MARTECH MINUTES: 7 Hot Trends Impacting Advisor Marketing

Today's marketing landscape is increasingly complex and competitive. By implementing these seven trends into their marketing strategy, advisor marketing teams can effectively engage clients and prospects.

MARTECH MINUTES: Bad Economy? Increase Your Advisor Marketing

Digital Wealth News recently met with Teresa Leno, CEO and Founder of Fresh Finance, to gain her insights into what wealth industry organizations should be doing regarding marketing in a slow economy.

MARTECH MINUTES: How to Grow AUM – Internal Advisor Marketing Departments

With the model of advisor marketing services woven into the company's culture, having a suite of marketing tools readily available and a team that supports them is attractive to advisors looking to transition.

MARTECH MINUTES: AI and Generating Images for the Wealth Industry

The advent of AI capabilities such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) has created highly realistic images. AI's ability to quickly, accurately, and efficiently generate such images is valuable.

MARTECH MINUTES: What Advisors Must Know About Prospect Communication

In digital marketing, advisors must know prospect communication regulations and guidelines. One crucial legal framework is the CAN-SPAM Act, enacted in 2003.

MARTECH MINUTES: How AI Enhances Marketing Communications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming various industry sectors, including wealth management and marketing communications. AI has significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of marcom trategies.

MARTECH MINUTES: How to Infuse Financial Education into Your Practice

One of a financial professional's most critical roles is to aid in their clients' financial empowerment. Here are some ways to infuse financial education into your wealth practice.