MARTECH MINUTES: How Financial Education Helps Grow AUM


Maintaining consistent communication with clients is imperative for building strong relationships and attracting new business. For financial advisors, a significant reason clients leave their advisors and seek new ones is a need for more communication, namely, financial education. Communication is no longer just emails and phone calls; it’s educating clients through communication platforms such as social media, blog posts, and newsletters.

The Digital Wealth News team recently met with Teresa Leno, CEO and Founder of Fresh Finance, to understand what’s at stake for wealth firms and their advisors around client communication and how it can help grow AUM.

“A communication breakdown can create an avoidable disconnect between your firm, advisors, and their clients. Firms must help their advisors provide clients with timely and consistent financial education articles. Doing so can set your firm apart from your competition and keep your advisors in mind,” says Leno.

How financial content helps maintain relationships and attract new clients

Tapping into content marketing (social media, blog posts, podcast episodes, newsletters, third-party articles, etc.) helps communicate with clients and prospects without coming off as ‘sales-seeking’ in your approach. Incorporating financial topics that are timely and relevant can help strengthen the belief that your advisors are thought leaders in the industry. Additionally, timely content will help increase trust among clients and prospects as they become more informed investors.

In addition to building a content marketing mix, sending out a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter or articles of interest to a particular client is an excellent way to personalize marketing communication efforts, as the content can be problem-solving or action-specific.

The human touch

Today, advisors compete with automated marketing tools that expand their presence in the financial services industry. Remember that one of the greatest strengths of advisors is their ability to ‘just be human.’ When advisors focus on building relationships, they find long-term success.

“Being a positive communicator and providing financial education goes a long way in maintaining client relationships and finding new prospects who need your help,” adds Leno.

Leno says that today, people expect financial education from advisors, wealth institutions, and banks. If those organizations don’t provide education and informational articles, they will go elsewhere for the information; Google will help them find it. But, the risk lies in a Google search finding information on a competitor’s website or social media profile.

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Teresa Leno worked as a financial advisor and experienced firsthand the importance of financial education to help clients make more informed decisions before a crisis. Through her experience, Fresh Finance was started as a financial content marketing solution to help advisors validate their expertise through sharing content.