INTELLIGENCE FOR GROWTH: Curating Newsletters For Strategic Advisor Marketing

Newsletters have come a long way from the quarterly, monthly or weekly paper, snail-mailed documents once prevalent in the financial industry, in part thanks to platforms like Clout.

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Wealth managers have a huge opportunity to grow through digital marketing, finding new clients, more assets, and potentially new advisors via mergers and acquisitions.

INTELLIGENCE FOR GROWTH: Simple Steps for Financial Advisors To Start Blogging

In the digital age, advisors who want to organically attract more clients and prospects need to raise their voices over the din of the crowd, according to Matuya Brand, Head of Content and B2B marketing for TIFIN Clout

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Most advisors want to grow and realize they have to get hyper-personal to accomplish that. “We see precision and personalization increasing in importance for advisors,” said A.J. Boury of TIFIN Clout.

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The financial industry has finally come to embrace Millennials and is making strides to adequately communicate with the largest generation in the workforce.

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Personalization can be key to helping wealth management clients weather volatility—but it’s easier for some than others. But how do growing financial advisory firms personalize timely messaging and content?

INTELLIGENCE FOR GROWTH: Stepping Up Your Communication and Service to LGBTQ+ Clients

As June’s Pride Month arrives, it's important to recognize the potentially unique impact these market forces may have on a certain subset of your clients and prospects: the LGBTQ+ community.

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Advisors can help keep their clients on track through current turmoil with some timely and highly-personalized messaging, said Jay Manciocchi, Head of Content at TIFIN Clout

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Marketing automation allows businesses to target customers with automated messages across marketing channels like email, web, and social media.

INTELLIGENCE FOR GROWTH: For AI-Driven Marketing Automation, Integrations Are Key

Any well-built technology is only as good as the information that an advisory firm feeds it. For an AI-driven marketing automation platform, that fuel is fed via integrations, said AJ Boury, Clout by TIFIN’s CMO.