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Cindy Taylor

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Cindy Taylor,  President of Fintegration & Founding Publisher of FintekNews, and now Digital Wealth News ™, is a veteran digital & print media executive with extensive sales and marketing experience in diverse luxury, consumer and B2B markets. 

Her background includes new media product development, sales management of domestic and international sales teams, brand-building, event management, new media and public relations.  She has also consulted with several hedge funds, RIAs and wealthtechs, and is considered one of the country’s foremost authorities on  fintech, and financial media & marketing.

Ms. Taylor has held a consulting publisher position with FA/Fintech News, the new financial technology media brand currently published under Financial Advisor magazine’s parent company.  She enjoys a very high profile within the fintech and wealthtech sectors.

Bill Taylor

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Bill Taylor is a preeminent, and widely published, international thought leader on investing in Bitcoin, Digital Assets & Gold.  He was an original co-founder of FintekNews, which was acquired by Financial Advisor magazine in 2018, and is author of the highly acclaimed columns “ The Taylor Report” –  in collaboration with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange – and “The Gray Swan Report”. 

He has over thirty five years experience in the financial markets, beginning as an original member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and subsequently as a member of the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.  He was also co-founder, principal and CEO of Cornerstone Ventures, a publicly traded securities/futures and money management firm with offices in Chicago & LaJolla. 

Mr. Taylor is currently Chief Investment Officer of Entoro Investments

Michael Fabing

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Michael Fabing is a world traveler, born in France, who has lived in 8 different countries (France, Luxembourg, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Vietnam, Canada and now Peru) and visited many more. He has a masters degree in computer science, and codes websites and web-applications remotely from his house with the view on the Pacific Ocean in the food-rich country of Peru. Besides his Linux system administration expertise, he spends most of his time coding websites, including WordPress websites, and Web-application and Android Mobile apps. Besides his technical knowledge, he is fluent in four languages – French, English, German and Spanish. He is responsible for everything related to IT with Digital Wealth News.