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The column “Martech Minutes” is created by Fresh Finance.

Started in 2009, Fresh Finance’s broad industry knowledge helps financial companies and their advisors maintain relationships and attract new clients through educational finance content. Fresh Finance helps fill the content needs that advisors often experience in their marketing plans, to provide them with more time for what matters- their clients.

Today, Fresh Finance’s specialties include financial education content curation and automation through its proprietary marketing software (MarTech) that distributes an advisor branded, investor-friendly digital newsletter, content library, and social media content provided by third-party financial publishers through its advisor UX.

Fresh Finance works with financial corporations, finance content publishers, FinTechs and SaaS providers. The company also licenses their software as a white-label content distribution ‘do-it-yourself’ marketing tool for financial marketing departments, corporations, and financial professionals.

More about Fresh Finance:

MARTECH MINUTES: Bad Economy? Increase Your Advisor Marketing

Digital Wealth News recently met with Teresa Leno, CEO and Founder of Fresh Finance, to gain her insights into what wealth industry organizations should be doing regarding marketing in a slow economy.

MARTECH MINUTES: How AI Enhances Marketing Communications

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming various industry sectors, including wealth management and marketing communications. AI has significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of marcom trategies.

MARTECH MINUTES: The Deal on Content Marketing

72% of online marketers describe content creation as their most effective SEO tactic, which helps potential clients find an advisor when searching online.

MARTECH MINUTES: Digital Marketing Basics Part 3 – Focusing on Meta Descriptions

Search engines claim that meta descriptions do not have a direct impact on SEO. However, meta descriptions boost the click-through rate (CTR) for webpages, signaling to search engines that your page is trustworthy. A strong meta description will boost your SEO score.

MARTECH MINUTES: A Best-of-Breed Approach to Marketing

When it comes to marketing, it's a combination of science and technology that must combine to produce results. In the financial service industry, CMOs and marketers are changing how they manage MarTech.

MARTECH MINUTES: The Impact of Financial Content Marketing

Content marketing has become an important part of advertising the services of financial advisors & their firms. For advisors, content marketing offers a unique & personal connection with both clients and prospects.

MARTECH MINUTES: How to Get More ‘Social’ on Social Media in 2023

There is no time like the beginning of a New Year to take the plunge into creating a social media presence for your firm. A 2022 study by Smart Asset revealed that marketing is a top priority for FAs in 2023.

MARTECH MINUTES: How to Enhance Your Client Communication Using Content

A communication breakdown can create an avoidable disconnect between you & your clients. Providing timely & consistent finance articles to clients can set your firm apart from your competition & keep you top of mind.

MARTECH MINUTES: Low on Content? Try Out Guest Blogging

Consistently creating high-quality content can often become difficult when it seems like there aren't enough hours in the day or dollars in the marketing budget to do so.

MARTECH MINUTES: Marketing Communications Policy Gaps – A Top Concern for Wealth Firms

One of the most perplexing and persistent is managing marketing communication policy gaps. Marketing communications policies provide an outline or blueprint that guides all elements of communication.