Securechain Launches Finmail Mailbox to Send Digital Currency by Email

Software to provide seamless, efficient payment across borders, for remote workers and the underbanked

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COPENHAGEN, Nov. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Securechain ApS (“Securechain”), a Copenhagen-based startup that provides fintech products and digital payment solutions, is proud to have launched its latest product: Finmail Mailbox. Finmail Mailbox integrates both email and a digital currency payment feature, so that people can use their mailbox and email address to send and receive emails as well as digital currencies such as Bitcoin and USDT. 

“Finmail Mailbox’s features and opportunities for integration stands to have an impact on how we approach productivity and collaboration, including global hiring,” says Haimin Zhang, founder, Securechain. “Remote employment has become commonplace during this pandemic. Tools like Finmail Mailbox can help streamline office systems, facilitating hiring, payment and eventually, helping to foster the greater economic recovery.” 

By using the Finmail Mailbox, users without bank accounts can easily access global payment capabilities. In addition, Finmail Mailbox also integrates a remote working environment where global users can work on freelance tasks and receive payment within the same platform. In fact, Finmail is the first web and desktop add-on approved by Microsoft to allow users to send digital assets via email, helping make digital payments more accessible to the world at large. 

The implications and potential impact for the gig economy and freelance marketplace — especially in developing regions — are huge. Finmail Mailbox allows for fast payment of freelance and remote teams, as well as an easy payment function for the underbanked. 

After registering with the Finmail system, users get a new email inbox that comes bundled with a digital currency payment facility. This email address can be used to send everyday messages as well as payments via digital currency. Future plans for the platform include a system for posting freelance projects and selecting contractors. Freelancers can collect payment on a schedule that works for them, without having to wait for a check to be mailed and to clear the bank. 

Moreover, Finmail Mailbox provides a payment platform for anyone without a bank account, allowing them to collect payments that can then be stored in a digital wallet. Anyone with a Finmail email address can get paid quickly and securely via the system regardless of location and time zone. Effectively, the system cuts out steps from workplace administration, meaning more productivity as people and workplaces cope with the distractions that come inherent with working from home.

Finmail uses USDT for payments, a stablecoin whose value tracks that of the US dollar. People on the platform have the opportunity to cash out by transferring the balance to a digital wallet or a cryptocurrency exchange. The platforms are secure, thanks to the immutability of the underlying blockchain technology. The blockchain also offers a secure record of payments between all parties as identified by their Finmail email address, helping to streamline bookkeeping. 

“During this time of quarantine, integrated payment tools such as our Finmail Mailbox allow people to focus more on communication, collaboration, and getting results at work,” Zhang continues. “We help business keep running so people can concentrate on work from wherever they feel safe and secure.” 

To learn more about the Finmail Mailbox or to speak with Zhang, inquire at the contact details below or visit