DWealth Muse Podcast Series: Episode 15 – Capitalizing on the NFT Craze


DWealth Muse is a podcast series on Digital Wealth News that bridges the knowledge gap between conventional and modern finance through original coverage of the tidal wave of technological and regulatory change headed to finance as it shifts to a digital, decentralized system.

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Episode 15 – Capitalizing on the NFT Craze

In this episode, host Dara Albright and guest, George Levy, Founder of Blockchain Institute of Technology and Division Head Blockchain and Digital Economy for blocksEDU, discuss ways for individuals and businesses to capitalize on the NFT craze. Highlights include:

  • What are NFTs and why have they become all the rage;
  • The types of real-world assets that can be made into NFTs;
  • Authenticating ownership of real-world assets with NFTs;
  • NFT use-cases for businesses;
  • How NFTs could be used to ensure the sanctity of elections;
  • Some of the more bizarre NFTs including “the NFTP” aka “non-fungible toilet paper” – yup, it’s a thing;
  • The gamification of finance through NFTs;
  • Industries best poised to profit with NFTs;
  • How to monetize NFTs;
  • Best resources for buying and selling NFTs.