DWealthMuse Podcast: How Retail Investors are Capitalizing on Multi-Family Real Estate Investing


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DWealthMuse Podcast – How Retail Investors are Capitalizing on Multi-Family Real Estate Investing

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guest, Matt Belcher, CEO and Co-founder of CalTier, discuss why multi-family real estate is one of today’s most coveted investment opportunities and, more importantly, how retail investors are finally getting in on the action. Highlights include:

  • The rise of PropTech;
  • Why institutional money is chasing multi-family real estate investments;
  • How a 3 to 5% shift towards a flexible living mindset will impact not only multi-family real estate investments but investment strategies overall;
  • Why it has been so difficult for retail investors to invest in multi-family real estate projects in the past;
  • Why fractional investing through Self-directed IRAs is the sea-change shift in the democratization of wealth;
  • Why the best businesses are born out of frustration.

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