The Week in Digital Wealth (1/15/24)


The industry resumed fully (post holiday season) with solutions, partnerships, and products occurring everywhere.

  • Bloomberg has launched a new data tool
  • Circle started its IPO process (finally)
  • Intuit improved taxes for everyone
  • How digital is the global shopper (read on to find out)?
  • X wants to utilize its payment licenses
  • Homeowners now have improved personalized advice

As always, it’s your week in digital wealth!

WealthTech, RegTech, Regulatory, and Treasury


Brokers and traders now have a way out for analysis with a new solution from Bloomberg (Data Access).

The product solves several complex issues, including performance analysis and integrations with visualization tools. Data Access is part of the Bloomberg Transaction Cost Analysis solution (BTCA).


Barring regulatory issues, CME Group will launch options on the S&P 500 annual dividend index futures on January 29th. The financial services giant indicated this in a January 9th press release.

J.P. Morgan Asset Management/NYSE

The J.P. Morgan Active Bond ETF (JBND) listing will shift from the NYSE Arca to the NYSE from January 30. The asset management arm revealed that the JBND will begin trading in February.


According to a January 10 Bloomberg report, NASDAQ indicated that the securities marketplace behemoth had investments in AI-driven anti-crime technologies.

Also, at the Consumer Technology Association conference in Las Vegas on Wednesday, Adena Friedman, CEO at NASDAQ, revealed that its financial anti-crime business unit is also the fastest growing at 20% in the last year (approximately).

Crypto, Blockchain, and Digital Assets

Circle Internet Financial

Circle, the USDC stablecoin issuer, revealed its confidential IPO filing. Last year, Circle had hinted at its intentions to go public. Additionally, IPO details are yet to be determined.


Mychargeback, a crypto-focused FinTech, announced the launch of a law enforcement-focused crypto-crime think tank. The think tank will provide members with analysis, data, intelligence, and tools. Access and participation are strictly by invitation.

Cboe Digital

Alongside the SEC’s crypto ETF approvals, Cboe Digital revealed the launch of margined Bitcoin and Ether futures, with the first trade successfully executed on January 12.

Additionally, the derivatives giant indicated an American first with dual regulatory licenses as a crypto exchange and a clearinghouse.

FinTech, Personal Finance, and Apps


The software firm behind America’s favorite everyday financial software solutions, including QuickBooks and Credit Karma, revealed the integration of TurboTax across its ecosystem, including its two pilot products. Additionally, the integration enables new AI capacities and access to the TurboTax knowledge engine.


Riskified, the global chargeback solutions provider, unveiled its Dispute Resolve product enhancements. Merchants now have options with AI integrations and an advanced gateway.

Maverik/Relay Payments

Truck drivers across eleven western states now have a digital-only diesel purchase experience thanks to a partnership between Marverik, your everyday all-American company, and Relay Payments, the boutique FinTech.

Additionally, drivers have other benefits, including discounts and optimized routes on the Relay app.


Retail customers increasingly use technology in their shopping experiences. According to a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, 9% of global shoppers surveyed indicated a preference for in-store shopping, while 14% shopped online.

Additionally, respondents indicated an increasing use of AI-driven virtual assistants (55%) and applications (59%) when shopping.

Banking, Payments, and Infrastructure


Banks now have a 24-hour turnaround time with the launch of Temenos Enterprise Services, a new Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) solution.

Also, Temenos Enterprise Services is quite flexible, with more than 700 preset APIs and 120 plus ready-to-go banking products.


In a January 10th announcement, PortX, a leading financial infrastructure firm, revealed its partnership with Plaid, a boutique FinTech. The collaboration combines PortX’s banking solutions ecosystem with the Plaid data processing network.


According to a blog post, X, the social media network formerly known as Twitter, unveiled peer-to-peer payment (P2P) plans later in the year. The Elon Musk-owned firm also indicated a closer convergence of its organic and ad algorithms.

REtech, InsurtTech and Investing

Matic/Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG)

Matic, a boutique InsurTech, revealed its cooperation with Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG), a leading insurance product provider. The partnership integrates Matic’s marketplace into PRMG’s ecosystem, giving customers access to Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance solutions.

Janover, Inc.

The insurance industry has a new player. Janover, a go-to FinTech marketplace, announced the launch of its InsurTech subsidiary.

The Janover Insurance Group targets the commercial property insurance niche with automation and improved data capabilities. Small business-focused solutions are coming soon.

Akur8/Quincy Mutual Group

Quincy Mutual Group revealed its partnership with Akur8, a global insurance pricing solutions company. The collaboration deploys the Akur8 pricing product within Quincy’s ecosystem, enabling efficient model creation, testing, and onboarding.

Alkami Technology/Chimney

Financial institutions can now offer homeowners greater leverage per data thanks to a partnership between Alkami Technology, a banking solutions provider, and Chimney, a niche FinTech.

Consequently, the cooperation enables personalized homeowner advice, insights, and offers independently of the financial institution holding individual mortgages.