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Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 6/11/24

The industry settled in with ongoing legislative discourses at the fore. However, things are far from settled, with the November elections looming over everything....

DWN Publisher Notes For 5/29/24

Friends, we hope you had a beatuiful Memorial Day! We are so grateful to live in America & thankful to all who have served in the military.  Meanwhile, we found a "unique opportunity" for you even while VC fundings & sector news continued over the holiday week...READ UP!

The Week in Digital Wealth (5/27/24)

Last week, there was a marked shift towards innovation, with ideas taking over the space. That said, there were higher cases of regulation which...

Advisor Tech Talk (Week of 5/6/24)

There’s nothing like a good surprise to keep us humble and ready to learn, and there’s a nice surprise embedded in...

DWN Publisher Notes For 5/1/24

Friends, we have some fascinating content this week - including a look at the difference between financial wellness and financial independence, how women are evolving the wealthtech industry (and the challenges they still face) and two very different but compelling looks at the marketing landscape in the finserv currently. READ UP!

The Week in Digital Wealth (4/29/24)

Regulatory light touches have had a positive effect on the industry. The SEC may (soon) be moving closer toward tighter standards. That said, product...

The Week in Digital Wealth (4/22/24)

Collaborations continued to be a focus point, but the end-user came out on top. Government interventions were overarching, with pushbacks from advocacy groups highlighting...

DWN Publisher Notes For 4/17/24

Friends, this week Bill Taylor ponders the question - is Jay Powell about to be out of a job? We also delve into the ramifications of the coming bitcoin halving event. And of course, each week we provide all the news you can use in digital wealth, decentralized finance, fintech venture capital deals and wealthtech. READ UP!

The Week in Digital Wealth (4/15/24)

Industry tailspins are (no longer) a thing. It remains to be seen how this uptrend will be maintained, with partnerships dictating the pace of...

DWN Publisher Notes For 3/20/24

Friends, this week we explore why $22 burritos matter and continue to see massive trends toward AI utilization + more. Meanwhile, in the spirit of the season, click through to see a graph of the March Madness bracket that AI ChatGPT picked, published in Sportsbook Review!  UConn all the way, baby!