Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: Rebirth of the Proactive Advisor with Philipp Hecker & Dr. Meg Lurtz


Does timing matter when it comes to giving advice?

So much of our lives are defined by age and time-related milestones. However, it would seem a lot of advisors aren’t as focused on being proactive when it comes to providing financial advice to their clients as we would like or expect.  Some guidance is more relevant to times-of-life (think retirement, or college, or having a family), whereas others are driven by tax or legal deadlines.

In this episode, Adam Holt and Derek Notman are joined by Philipp Hecker, CEO of Bento Engine & Dr. Meg Lurtz, Ph.D. in Personal Financial Planning. They discuss the importance of being proactive in providing clients with financial advice.

Meg & Philipp discusses:

  • Being proactive with the timing of advice
  • Why more advisors are focused on leading with advice than selling products
  • The Jerry Maguire standard of care for clients
  • And More!