Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: What’s The Best Way To Add Alpha To Your Practice


Is it tech? Your brand? Some special sauce? Or is it as simple as improving your client engagement experience? Join us as we chat with Craig Martin, Executive Managing Director, Global Head of Wealth & Lending Intelligence for the J.D. Power wealth management division to gain some very valuable insights into what he and his team are learning from their research driven data.

In this episode Craig, Adam and Jason chat about:

  • Evolving Financial Advice and Client Experience
  • Financial Advisors’ Value Demonstration Challenges
  • Technology’s Role in Financial Advice Evolution
  • Digital Advice Preferred, Human Advice Still Needed
  • Technology’s Impact on Financial Services Client Interactions
  • Enhancing Client Interactions: Tech and Communication Strategies
  • Data-Driven Client Engagement Strategies
  • And actionable steps you can implement today!