Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast: Do you Have Partners or Vendors, With Brad Johnson


Should financial advisors expect more from the vendors they partner with?  Advisors tend to be bombarded from vendors with all types of solutions, products, and so on, but are the vendors acting like a true partner to the advisor?  Join us as we explore this interesting topic with experienced industry veteran Brad Johnson to learn more about the difference between a vendor and partner and what advisors should be thinking about when it comes to who they end up working with.

In this episode Brad, Adam and Derek chat about:

  • How the Industry is focused on selling ingredients instead of product

  • Why deep partnerships cannot serve the masses (McDonalds vs Local High end Steak house)

  • Why Advisors love the Industrialized model until they don’t – once they have personalized their firm, brand, offerings, etc. the FMO/Industrialized model is less attractive.

  • Advisors are using a Do business Do Life values/mission to drive who they partner with

  • The definition of success for Financial Advisors is broken.  “Redline behavior burnout” is celebrated which is so messed up, an “entrepreneurial lie”

  • And lots more!