MARTECH MINUTES: The Tools Marketers Must Have in Their Toolbox


As the digital world continues to evolve, so does the landscape of marketing tools. This year will likely witness a surge in demand for various types of marketing software that can effectively address an organization’s emerging needs. Recently, Digital Wealth News interviewed Teresa Leno, CEO and Founder of Fresh Finance, to get a glimpse at the types of marketing software she feels marketers must license to stay ahead of the competition. She emphasizes that many of these tools are integrated into Fresh Finance’s enterprise solution, underlining their importance in the marketing landscape.

One leading tool vital to marketing success is customer relationship management (CRM) software. With an increased focus on personalization and customer-centric approaches, CRM tools are indispensable for managing customer interactions, driving engagement, and developing strong customer relationships, thereby enhancing the overall marketing strategy.

“More advanced analytics software combined with CRM software provides robust capabilities that can help analyze customer behavior, segment audiences, and automate marketing campaigns. These capabilities then provide advisors with actionable insights. Combining this software through API integrations is a game changer,” says Leno.

AI-enabled marketing software will also take center stage. AI-enabled tools, including chatbots, predictive analytics software, and recommendation systems, have the transformative power to revolutionize marketing strategies. These tools streamline processes and offer personalized experiences and deliver insights that enable marketers to make data-driven decisions, thereby significantly enhancing marketing effectiveness.

“Chat GPT continues to be a sought-after tool to help marketers create content rapidly and at a cost savings. While this tool won’t replace a human, it allows marketers to start an article and edit it to give it their brand’s voice or correct text to make it compliant for our industry. We have integrated this tool into our marketing hub to help marketing teams with limited content creation resources,” adds Leno.

Next on the list will most likely be enterprise content marketing software. In an age where content is king, wealth organizations will most likely strive to create compelling and engaging content to attract and retain customers. Content marketing software assists in content creation, distribution, and tracking performance, thus becoming an essential tool for any digital marketer.

Social media marketing software remains integral to any marketing strategy. As social media platforms continue to grow and innovate, marketing tools that can manage multiple platforms, schedule posts, monitor engagement, and analyze performance most likely be in high demand.

Leno adds, “We have integrated social media APIs into our platform and added a third-party content integration to help advisors and organizations amplify financial education across social channels.”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools are also set for growth. With the search landscape continuously changing, SEO software that can help advisor websites rank higher on search results, track keyword rankings, and analyze competitors will most likely be crucial.

Lastly, email marketing software is predicted to maintain its relevance. With superior segmentation, personalized messaging, and automation features, these tools will help businesses create effective email campaigns that increase customer engagement and conversion rates.

“Adopting sophisticated marketing software will most likely be a given for any ambitious wealth organization. CRM and AI-enabled tools will likely lead the pack, followed by content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and email marketing software,” says Leno.

As the digital landscape becomes more competitive, these marketing tools are essential for those aiming to stand out. The key to success lies in identifying an organization’s specific marketing needs and adopting the right mix of marketing software to address those needs.

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Teresa Leno worked as a financial advisor and experienced firsthand the importance of financial education to help clients make more informed decisions before a crisis. Through her experience, Fresh Finance was started as a financial content marketing solution to help advisors validate their expertise through sharing content.