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FINTECH VIEWS: Leadership 101 – Is Mastery of Digital Solutions a Prerequisite?

Empowering others to succeed is the essence of leadership. For asset managers and investment professionals in—or near—the C-suite at their firms, this mandate extends...

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Prominent industry juggernauts are bringing risk tolerance squarely into the financial planning conversation from its prior position as a compliance afterthought.

FINTECH VIEWS: Salesforce Integration – Harnessing the Power of Wealthtech

Relationships are central to a successful wealth management experience. That reality extends beyond the advisor/client relationship to how technologies interact with each other within an enterprise.

FINTECH VIEWS: Why Financial Advisors Have to Be Estate Planning Heroes

With myriad benefits to advisors – including building stronger client relationships, connecting with the next generation, and the possibility of bringing held-away assets under their purview – why do so many advisors avoid estate planning conversations with clients?

FINTECH VIEWS: How Technology Is Propelling Success in Multi-Family Offices

Recent Federal Reserve data indicates that the top 10% of families account for almost three-quarters of U.S. wealth. These affluent families have complex wealth management needs.

FINTECH VIEWS: Selling Your Financial Practice

By Kristen Grau, CPA, CVA, CEPA, Executive Vice President More than a third of financial advisors managing 40% of industry assets are projected to retire by...

FINTECH VIEWS: How Technology Is Transforming Impact Investing

The impulse to do good while doing well is much older than popular acronyms like ESG and SRI might suggest. In fact, impact investing...

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Today’s financial advisors need to cut through the clutter and set themselves apart from the competition. To do so, they must go beyond occasional...

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The Internet has changed lives but has risks and issues, with data taking center stage in current technologies. Successive iterations of the web as we...

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As industry watchers have focused on the headline-inducing developments in wealth management – consolidation, private equity, breakaway advisors, the cost of capital – a...