AI ILLUMINATIONS: “Lights, Camera, Action”

AKA "Access, Transparency, Action"


Every value chain member must have an ideal experience with access, transparency, and actionable data.  The technology must be able to understand and solve the pain points of the investor, advisor, and home office.

“Based on our experiences over the last 30-plus years in this industry, in home offices, as advisors, and investors, we understand the pain points across the value chain. As one core example, we’ve automated the onboarding experience for the investor, the onboarding of a new advisor, and created complete and actionable transparency around the entire process. We partner with firms that are trying to move ahead into what we call the future of the autonomous enterprise—not only for their own benefit, but also that of their advisors and investors, and for the overall benefit of the industry,” adds Partnow.

Actionable insights lead to a great experience

Using intelligent automation across key processes led by actionable data can help reinvent onboarding across our entire industry. For example, the transitioning advisor can access a dashboard that creates 100% transparency between them and the home office. Every step of the way, they will have insights into what tasks have been completed because it is fully actionable. They can constantly keep a tab on tasks such as following where their CRD is. Is it with the supervision team? Is it being reviewed by the billing setup team so they can get paid on assets transferring into the firm?

At the same time, many steps must be completed behind the scenes. Automating the entire process from the point when the recruiter first speaks to the prospective advisor through the new accounts being opened and funded leads to an exceptional experience across the entire value chain.

“Real-time data, intelligent automation, and an actionable dashboard are the real differentiators brings to the wealth industry.  We take pride in understanding our client’s challenges and creating solutions based on our deep vertical experience,” says Partnow.

Investors value insight and transparency

From the investor’s perspective, having visual insight and transparency at every level that impacts their wealth is critical. As an example, investors need to know once a new account form is submitted, when it is under review and is getting processed, and when assets transfer. Each action triggers a new expectation of being provided regular updates, where the investor is not required to call or send an email to keep informed. Today’s investors expect complete transparency and to be able to access relevant information easily and real-time.

“We use our phones to track packages, or in many cases, track our loved ones, right? Here at, we’ve created that experience across the entire value chain, from the home office to the advisor, and the investor. Every step is documented, and each person knows exactly where they are in the process, what the next steps are, what’s open for them to complete, or what’s open for the home office. We create engaging end-to-end experiences that are fully transparent,” says Partnow.