Fusion Financial Partners Launches Fusion Black Ops™ as the First Modular Turnkey Solution for Breakaway Advisors

Fusion Black Ops provides advisors of all size with a seamless confidential process that help a team realize their dream of independence

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CARLSBAD, Calif., Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Fusion Financial Partners has launched Fusion Black Ops™, a confidential RIA launch services program designed to support breakaway advisor teams on their transition to independence. Originally built for teams with assets upwards of $1 billion, and now available for teams of all sizes, the turnkey program delivers a complete collection of RIA-focused consultative services including custom-built fintech stack, custodian/broker dealer coordination, compliance, legal referrals, asset mapping, website design, office technology and cybersecurity, launch project management, CTO expert advice and full-service project management.

“We created this for the breakaway advisor who wants to build their own firm. Fusion Black Ops provides a complete solution with only one point of contact,” explained Mike Papedis, CEO of Fusion Financial Partners. “With a single phone call, an advisor can begin the process and have the confidence that an experienced team is handling the compliance, custody, IT stack and myriad other details of setting up an independent RIA with confidentiality and anonymity preserved.”

The team assembled under Fusion Black Ops has helped over 1000 advisors change firms and successfully launch independent firms. Just since its founding in 2017, Fusion Financial Partners has helped 25 teams make the transition to independence.

Fusion Black Ops systemizes the transition process for advisor teams of any size. Previously, breakaway advisors could try and do it all on their own, an expensive and laborious process that on average takes 18 months to complete or sign on with a national platform requiring a long-term commitment of up to seven years. With Fusion Black Ops, the entire transition can be completed in three months with the advisor free to choose which firms and services to work with going forward.

One of the key advantages of the Fusion Black Ops process is the confidentiality and anonymity it provides. Too often advisors have been forced to accelerate their transition due to being found out through an errant email to the wrong inbox or from working with people who do not understand the importance of discretion of this covert process. Fusion Black Ops protects the anonymity of the transitioning advisor by using blind RFPs and being the sole point of contact between them and custodians, lawyers, IT providers and any other suppliers. The program uses a phone encryption app for communication between the advisor and those running the program that automatically deletes the conversations.

Although created specifically for breakaway advisors, Fusion Black Ops can also be leveraged by existing RIAs and national platforms looking for help in onboarding new teams.

“Black Ops allows advisors to transfer the burden and complexities of transition plans and project management to us”, added Kimberly Papedis, President of Fusion Financial Partners. “No matter where they are on their ‘road to independence’, leveraging our experience in collectively moving over 1000 advisors to independence ensures best practices are employed and, probably even more important, catastrophic mistakes are avoided.”

About Fusion Financial Partners
Fusion Financial Partners (www.fusionfp.com) is a premier consulting firm specialized in the area of transformative business consulting for RIAs. Fusion acts as an advocate, educator, tactical guide and negotiator for advisor teams and national organizations looking to enter or expand in the independent wealth management industry.