Wealthcare Continues to Grow Adding New Advisors and Exceeding $4 Billion in AUM

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WEST CHESTER, Pa., April 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wealthcare, two technology-enabled RIAs, and business units of Financeware, a NewSpring Holdings platform company, continues to attract advisors interested in leveraging their platform and service offering to transform their practices. As a result, Wealthcare’s enterprise RIAs grew to over $4B in regulatory AUM.

In 2020 Wealthcare welcomed the following advisors:

  • Eric Kaplan and Fernando Gonzales (K&G Financial)
  • Andrew Windham (Winbrook Solutions)
  • Christopher Wilkinson (One Tree Wealth)
  • AJ Stuver and Katelyn Fife (Focal Point)
  • Solomon Lamacchio and Patricia Wellman (Wealthcare Management Services)
  • James Graves (Joppa Mill Advisor, LTD)
  • Joshua Barron and Ryan Quinn (JMB Financial Services Group)
  • Leighton Hart and Robert Bolen (Cogent Blue Wealth Advisors)
  • Scott Martin, Bert Falley II, James Colahan, Brian Lang, Brenda Flanagan, Reid Hash, and Michele Hammann (SS&C Wealth Management, LLC)
  • Jonathan Hölljes (Hölljes Financial, LLC)
  • Tim Thomas (Integrative Investing)
  • Corbin Sutton and Jeff Reid (Water Street Financial)
  • Paul Doak, CFP® (ID Financial, LLC)
  • Steve Coffman (Covenant Investments)
  • Robert Burdumy and Devin Palmese (Wealthcare Advisory Partners LLC)
  • Jeffrey Falke (The Falke Group)

These advisors all chose to affiliate with Wealthcare to take advantage of its tech-enabled flexible solutions that help advisors to cost-effectively scale and improve the client experience in their practice.

Each of these advisors has extensive knowledge of the financial industry and found Wealthcare’s goals-driven approach to financial planning and investing the right fit for their clients. They expressed that Wealthcare’s team of professionals provide them more time to devote to meaningful conversations with their clients instead of handling back-office tasks.

With an emphasis on helping the new advisors focus on their clients’ financial goals and the growth of their business, Wealthcare’s full-service platform provides advisors the ability to embrace independence and run their own practice without sacrificing high-quality financial service. 

Wealthcare is putting its growth plan into action by continuing to provide advisors and their clients new services, partnerships, and technology, and is poised to elevate the wealth experience.  

About Wealthcare

Wealthcare, a business unit of Financeware, architected its original goals-based planning and investing methodology more than 20 years ago and holds 12 patents on this established goals management process. Powered by its patented Comfort Zone®, ‘Wealthcare’s approach features innovative, personalized experiences and step-by-step tools that create deeper relationships between advisors and investors. Wealthcare empowers firms and advisors to go independent and grow their advisory businesses by providing GDX360® – ‘Wealthcare’s proven fiduciary process that seamlessly integrates planning, investing, and trading – and a full-suite of practice-management services.  Wealthcare is comprised of two RIAs, Wealthcare Advisory Partners LLC and Wealthcare Capital Management LLC. Learn more at www.wealthcaregdx.com.

About Financeware

Financeware is an industry-leading fintech platform company focused on delivering a robust suite of innovative solutions to the financial services market.  The company’s set of broad capabilities span financial market data, wealth management workflow processing, and tech-enabled RIA services. Established by NewSpring Holdings in 2018, Financeware combines the rich competencies and market leadership of its three businesses QUODD, VMS and Wealthcare and leverages go-to-market and operational synergies across the platform.  Learn more at www.financeware.com.

About NewSpring Holdings

NewSpring Holdings, NewSpring’s dedicated holding company with a strategy focused on control buyouts and platform builds, brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources to take profitable, growing companies to the next level through acquisitions and proven organic methodologies. Founded in 1999, NewSpring partners with the innovators, makers, and operators of high-performing companies in dynamic industries to catalyze new growth and seize compelling opportunities. The Firm manages over $2 billion across five distinct strategies covering the spectrum from growth equity and control buyouts to mezzanine debt. Partnering with management teams to help develop their businesses into market leaders, NewSpring identifies opportunities and builds relationships using its network of industry leaders and influencers across a wide array of operational areas and industries. Visit NewSpring at www.newspringcapital.com.