DWealth Muse Podcast Series: Episode 10 – How RIAs are Helping Clients Capitalize on the Crypto Revolution


DWealth Muse is a podcast series on Digital Wealth News that bridges the knowledge gap between conventional and modern finance through original coverage of the tidal wave of technological and regulatory change headed to finance as it shifts to a digital, decentralized system.

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Episode 10 – How RIAs are Helping Clients Capitalize on the Crypto Revolution – In this episode, host Dara Albright and guests, Marc Scharf, Managing Partner of ESG Asset Mgmt and AJ Nary, Founder of HeightZero, discuss the challenges and solutions for RIAs as they help their clients navigate the unfurling world of digital assets. Discussion highlights include:

  • How RIAs have been helping their clients gain exposure to crypto assets despite the dearth of institutional products available;
  • Limitations of owning cryptocurrencies through a trust;
  • Managing crypto assets without violating custody rules and amid regulatory ambiguities;
  • Ways in which NFTs, tokenization and staking may become part of the modern investment portfolio;
  • How declining interest rates and a diminishing public equity float are elevating the significance of digital assets; 
  • The impact that the wealth transfer to XYZ generations may have on portfolio construction;
  • Upon emerging from Doc Brown’s DeLorean, guests proffer a sneak peek of the future for RIAs and digital assets.