EPISODE 48: Investing Strategies During these Uncertain, Turbulent and Transformative Times


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Episode 48 – Investing Strategies During these Uncertain, Turbulent and Transformative Times

In this episode, DWealthMuse host, Dara Albright, and guests Tim Peterson, Global Macro Investment Manager at Cane Island Alternative Advisors, and Mark Yusko, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management, discuss cryptocurrency investment strategies during these times of economic uncertainty, regulatory ambiguity, market turbulence, and unprecedented innovation. Highlights include:

  • The irony of using an executive order to govern decentralized innovation;
  • Breaking down the #firsttheyignoreyou #thentheylaughatyou #thentheyfightyou #thenyouwin stages of bitcoin;
  • Why the long-term correlation of bitcoin to other asset classes is ZERO;
  • Whether rate hikes will save the economy from “self-inflicted inflation” or cause another great depression;
  • Why we are at or near the bottom of a cryptocurrency correction in one of the greatest bull markets of an asset in history;
  • Other digital investment strategies that crypto investors should be exploring;
  • The necessity of bitcoin in retirement portfolios;
  • Which cryptocurrencies have the potential to outperform bitcoin;
  • How the midterm elections could impact the markets.