INTELLIGENCE FOR GROWTH: 3 Ways Advisors Can Drive Social Media Engagement


With about 4.5 billion people using social media globally, it’s critical for financial advisors to not only be on social media, but to stand out from the crowd. The good news is that with the right strategy and technology, you can build and grow your social media following.

A staggering 81% of people aged 30-49 check their social media daily, according to Pew Research, so don’t miss out on this critical tactic for staying top-of-mind with prospects and clients. In this article, the team behind TIFIN Clout shares three ways to help your feeds stand out.

1) Post Consistently

Occasionally stopping by Facebook or LinkedIn won’t grow your following. As simple as it sounds, posting consistently is essential, but sometimes overlooked. Some people get deterred after they post a few times and don’t get enough likes, but that’s the time to amp up rather than give up.

If you go too long being silent, you may fall behind others who post regularly. Social media algorithms decide what people see as they sort posts in a user’s feed based on relevancy. By posting quality content on a regular basis, you’ll show up more often in front of prospects and clients.

But keep in mind that not all social media venues are for everyone. You may want to post reactions to current events on Twitter, whereas LinkedIn is great for sharing longer form content like blog posts and whitepapers. Don’t love writing, but enjoy talking? Instagram or YouTube may be where you grow your following.

Knowing where you communicate best can help you go from somebody who just posts to somebody who enjoys a dedicated following. Most importantly, if you identify a social media channel that you genuinely enjoy, you’ll be more committed to posting regularly, and have a better sense of the type of content you’re competing with.

If you need help staying organized, or just don’t have the time, consider working with a service provider like TIFIN Clout to post regularly on your behalf.

2) Content is King

The right content is critical. Before you begin enhancing your social media strategy, make sure to check your firm’s rules for social media along with your compliance policies.

As a next step, consider the type of content that may interest your stakeholders. Gone are the days of pushing out status-quo content or generic news articles and expecting that alone to generate engagement. Are your clients worried about the markets and need articles that reassure them? Would your prospects value short posts that help them with immediate financial how-tos? What about a tip of the week? If you serve a specific niche like veterans, working moms, or even Dual Income No Kid (DINK) clients, consider tailoring content to those groups. There are also many social media groups where you can network within a specific interest area.

Allowing your unique personality to shine will also help differentiate your feed. Don’t be afraid to share things that make you feel closer to your followers or that humanize you. It’s ok to make them laugh or show them what’s important to you.

Another way of differentiating is to generate custom content so you’re not one more person sharing the same article. Consider a service that can write articles in your voice and brand to help you save time and make an impact.

You can also try mixing up the type of posts you deliver as a means of driving greater engagement. Ask questions or share surveys/polls to make your feed more interactive.

3) Data is Your Friend

Once you’ve posted regularly for a few weeks, it’s time to look at your engagement data in order to optimize your content. Did a particular post stand out? Do you see trends on certain topics or formats that are doing better than others? By analyzing results, you can continue to build on what works and create a positive feedback loop.

Plenty of services, including TIFIN Clout can help you track more detailed analytics including what subjects resonate most with your followers.

Building Social Clout

Don’t forget to put good karma out there. If you follow, like, share and comment on other people’s posts, you build goodwill and become part of a social media community. Who knows, they may even follow you back.

Don’t have time? TIFIN Clout is here to help. Schedule time with our team to learn more about bringing your social media to the next level with our digital marketing automation platform.