Bearish is the New Bullish. WTF!


To be perfectly blunt, WTF is going on?

Let’s pretend you are spending time at the international space station looking down at earth from 250 miles up. Floating around in zero gravity, enjoying the view and doing experiments. Exciting and peaceful. Taking a break from floating and gazing at open space, you decide to check to see what’s happening “back home.” Your first thought? WTF. It’s crazy “down there.”

Quickly checking your investment portfolio to see just how much you probably lost while being in orbit, you are pleasantly ‘shocked,’ and totally confused. Inflation is running hot (just not as hot as a year or so ago), the Fed is raising interest rates and draining money out of the financial system, banks are failing and under stress, real estate is sinking and consumer debt is at all time highs. BUT, the stock market is up. You are making money. WTF. How? Well space boy/girl, bad news is good news now. WTF. Yup, the worse things get the more chances of a recession which would be bullish because interest rates would ease. Crazy.

Sensing an opportunity you try and get your financial professional on the phone (difficult ’cause its long, long, long distance) to buy more stocks. Thinking that if there might be a depression with everyone losing their jobs, the stock market would probably triple (or more). Being bearish is now bullish.

Even the political situation could work for you. The two probable candidates (the current President and the former President) have “issues” and it looks like the populace wants neither. Usually political uncertainty is bearish, BUT now bearish is bullish. Why, if the country descends into political chaos, the stock market may quadruple (or more).

WTF, why didn’t you think of the bad news is good news angle earlier?

Now having figured out the financial markets, you check on the latest college football results. You are shocked to learn there will be no more PAC-12 Conference next year. All the teams (except two) bolted into other conferences. Even from space, you are confused.

Eight of the PAC-12 teams are ranked in the top 25. AND, the resident doormat (Colorado University….1-11 last year), lost most of their players from last year but is now undefeated and nationally raked. WTF. Why? Prime Time took over U.C. Yup, Prime Time “Neon” Deon Sanders took over as coach, brought his son in as QB, his other son as defensive back and lit up the college football world. Alabama out, Colorado in. WTF. Crazy.

So taking a few long drags of fresh oxygen from “humanity’s home in orbit,” you decide to look down and enjoy the ride. No way you would want come back to earth. Hope Elon gets those Mars rockets going fast.