UpContent and Fresh Finance Forge Pioneering Partnership

New Alliance Elevates Financial Content Curation and Distribution Tools for Advisors

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Minneapolis, MN; September 26, 2023 – UpContent, the premier content curation platform, is delighted to announce an exciting collaboration with Fresh Finance, a leading financial marketing technology firm. This strategic alliance is set to transform the landscape for marketing and compliance teams, providing their advisors with a seamless means to access and disseminate pre-approved, curated organizational, and external content in one centralized MarTech system.

In an era where staying well-informed and delivering invaluable insights is non-negotiable, the partnership between UpContent and Fresh Finance is poised to redefine the way financial advisors access and distribute content, bringing forth a multitude of advantages:

1. **Customized Content Recommendations:** Financial advisors will receive a continuous stream of pre-approved curated articles selected by UpContent’s AI-powered Smart Sort which is based on their audience’s engagement data and their unique professional interests.

2. **Effortless Content Creation:** This collaboration simplifies the content creation process for marketing teams freeing them from the time-consuming tasks. AI-enabled content creation and selection technology arms advisors with a vast repository of pre-vetted articles to effortlessly share with their clients or use on websites and social media.

3. **Enhanced Client Engagement:** By sharing content that aligns precisely with their clients’ interests and needs, financial advisors can foster deeper client relationships and position themselves as trusted industry experts.

4. **Regulatory Compliance and Data Security:** Fresh Finance’s flexible compliance and marketing workflows and UpContent’s automated compliance filters ensure advisors can confidently share content while adhering to industry regulations, safeguarding their clients and firms.

5. **Performance Insights:** UpContent and Fresh Finance deliver comprehensive analytics, enabling marketing teams and advisors to track the impact of shared content and refine their content strategy for maximum effectiveness.

This strategic alliance underscores UpContent and Fresh Finance’s shared mission to empower financial organizations’ marketing teams and advisors with the tools they need to excel in their content marketing plans. The alliance harnesses UpContent’s proficiency in content curation and Fresh Finance’s cutting-edge MarTech combined with their article database of 500+ editable articles and AI- content creation tool.

Both organizations believe their synergies will revolutionize how organizations help their financial advisors engage with their clients and prospects using relevant content.

Scott A. Rogerson, CEO of UpContent, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “We are thrilled to join forces with Fresh Finance to introduce this unique solution pairing external and original content to benefit financial advisors by elevating their client relationships.”

Teresa Leno, Founder and Owner of Fresh Finance, echoed these sentiments, stating, “Our partnership with UpContent underscores our unwavering commitment to MarTech innovation in the wealth, banking, and insurance industries. We believe this collaboration empowers advisors to take their client relationships to unprecedented heights.

Together we solve “the content desert” that is apparent across website providers. Our mutual tool integrations put content creation, curation, and distribution in the hands of financial organizations and advisors.”

About UpContent:
UpContent is the industry-leading content curation platform that empowers businesses and professionals to discover, curate, and share high-quality content with their audiences. With a focus on delivering invaluable insights, UpContent equips users to stay informed and engage with their audiences effectively. For more information, please visit https://www.upcontent.com.

About Fresh Finance:
Fresh Finance is a pioneering financial marketing technology company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for marketing teams and financial advisors. Their mission is to equip organizations with content and distribution tools to help deliver unparalleled value to their clients and prospects while remaining compliant with industry regulations. To learn more, please visit https://www.freshfinance.us.