Technology Creates Opportunities for Financial Advisors to Enhance Investor Experience, According to New Vivaldi Group Survey


Toronto-based CapIntel, a financial technology company that delivers productivity enhancing, web-based solutions to financial services wholesalers and investment advisors, has announced the findings of a new survey that sheds light on the evolving needs of the financial advisory industry, particularly the crucial role that innovate technology solutions play in empowering financial advisors to build efficiencies and better serve their clients. The research was conducted in collaboration with Vivaldi Group, a global brand and business reinvention firm with expertise in innovation, marketing and new technology.

Through interviews with advisors, investors and other stakeholders in the wealth management space, the research identified several challenges that advisors face: difficulties with organizing and sharing relevant information efficiently across various financial products and areas of advice; addressing the rising expectations of investors for visually appealing digital experiences; and the need for branded, easy-to-edit presentations that reduce internal workloads.

James Rockwood | CapIntel

James Rockwood, Founder and CEO of CapIntel, said, “Vivaldi’s research findings highlight the evolving expectations of financial advisors and investors in the wealth management industry, and validate the mission of our young, rapidly growing firm. CapIntel’s commitment to providing modern, accessible, and tailored financial presentations aligns with these evolving needs, ensuring that advisors can better serve their clients and help investors achieve their financial goals.”

The research showed how technology solutions can enhance transparency, promote proactive communication and give investors seamless access to data and proposals. The CapIntel platform is recognized for its ease of use, intuitiveness, attractive interface and success with both new and prospective end-clients. The CapIntel platform’s sales enablement tools improved outcomes, particularly for advisors growing their books of business, according to advisors who were interviewed for the study. Advisors also said they were able to better meet client expectations through storytelling tools available on the platform, significantly reducing the risk of client attrition amid the rise of do-it-yourself (DIY) investing platforms.

Rob Crnkovic | CapIntel

Rob Crnkovic, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer of CapIntel, said, “At CapIntel, we are proud to offer a platform that helps advisors create and customize proposals that stand out from the crowd. Our platform is more than just a portfolio rebalancing tool; it is a sales enablement tool and a storytelling platform that empowers advisors to communicate reassurance and trust to their clients. We believe that advisors who use CapIntel are not only demonstrating their expertise and credentials, but also their technological savvy and innovation.”