AdvizorStack To Integrate StratiFi’s Portfolio Risk Analysis Tools


AdvizorStack announced this week that it has partnered with StratiFi to provide customers with portfolio risk analysis, client risk profiling and compliance solutions. 

AdvizorStack leans on partnerships with various third-party providers to build and manage customized and integrated tech stacks for advisors and firms. The association with StratiFi adds to its stable of partners and comes as compliance has become a growing concern across the industry.  

“We chose StratiFi due to the engagement opportunities that naturally align between both firms and the seamless integration of their offerings into our unified database,” said AdvizorStack CEO Paul DeMaio in a press release. “This partnership brings forth an all-encompassing risk analytics and compliance dashboard, enabling firms to effortlessly ensure both firm and client compliance across diverse books of business.” 

StratiFi and AdvizorStack will collaborate to introduce additional features and improvements to the AdvizorStack platform, including predictive modeling and machine learning for risk assessment, real-time compliance monitoring and automated reporting and audit trails for compliance oversight. 

“This strategic partnership signifies a mutual commitment to excellence, innovation and the collective advancement of the wealth management landscape,” said StratiFi CEO Akhil Lodha in a press release. “As StratiFi and AdvizorStack join forces, we pave the way for a future where technology and financial expertise converge seamlessly to enable advisors and their firms to plan and execute growth while remaining compliant.” 

StratiFi, which recently announced a year of high growth, provides risk profiling, IPS generation, portfolio building and compliance oversight. It serves financial advisors, investment managers and compliance officers at RIAs, independent broker-dealers, family offices and other institutions.