Fresh Finance and Wealth Management GPT Announce Integration

Stategic Alliance to Deliver Next-Gen Content Creation Solution


Fresh Finance, a leading financial technology company, has forged a strategic alliance with Wealth Management GPT, a global provider of generative AI solutions for the wealth management industry.

This powerful collaboration introduces a game-changing tool to the financial sector- an innovative enterprise generative AI solution embedded within Fresh Finance’s marketing technology solution. The integration redefines how marketers create compliant wealth management content to empower advisors to foster stronger client relationships and attract new clients.

The Fresh Finance and Wealth Management GPT integration accelerates content creation within the Fresh Finance solution, mimicking human-like conversations. The Wealth Management GPT solution is trained in real-life financial dialogues, ensuring it understands compliance protocols and ‘red-list’ words, streamlining the content process for marketing teams.

“We are thrilled about this integration and our partnership with Wealth Management GPT as it aligns with our vision to revolutionize the financial industry with innovative enterprise marketing technology. Wealth Management GPT provides marketers with a competitive advantage by simplifying their process to quickly create compliant content. We share a common goal with the Wealth Management GPT team in creating finance content that enables their advisors to initiate conversations and expand their business,” said Teresa Leno, CEO of Fresh Finance.

Fresh Finance caters to a wide range of wealth organizations, from small to large. With its enterprise-user-friendly interface and seamless integrations tailored for marketers, compliance professionals, and advisors, the software can be easily personalized to suit the specific requirements of various organizations, making it a valuable tool for enhancing customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships.

“We are thrilled to work with Fresh Finance to integrate Wealth Management GPT into their industry-leading marketing solution. Our integration partnership benefits wealth management firms by streamlining communication processes, enhancing the client and prospect experience, and driving better marketing ROI” said Marc Butler, CEO of Wealth Management GPT.

The Fresh Finance and Wealth Management GPT integration will launch in April 2024 inside Fresh Finance’s marketer’s hub and is expected to significantly impact the content creation process for Fresh Finance enterprise customers. This integration partnership is a testament to Fresh Finance and Wealth Management GPT’s continuous efforts to innovate and drive positive change in the financial sector.

About Fresh Finance:
Fresh Finance is a leading financial technology company specializing in advanced content creation and enterprise distribution solutions for the wealth industry. With a team of AI and marketing technology experts, Fresh Finance aims to transform how financial organizations, marketing and compliance teams, and advisors communicate with their clients and win new business. To learn more about Fresh Finance’s enterprise marketing technology, please visit

About Wealth Management GPT:
Wealth Management GPT is a leading solution provider to the wealth management space, committed to transforming the space through the power of artificial intelligence. With a team of seasoned professionals and cutting-edge technologies, Wealth Management GPT creates innovative tools and platforms that help businesses thrive in the digital era. To learn more about Wealth Management GPT and how it can enhance any wealth management business, please visit