The Easter Bunny Brings “Eggs of Thought”


It’s Easter week. The Easter Bunny has been hiding eggs all around you. Bet you didn’t even notice. Eggs of every color……..and thoughts.

The bunny is bringing, and hiding, “AI eggs,” “bitcoin eggs,” “interest rate eggs,” “inflation eggs” AND just plain old tasty eggs. Knowing that you are pretty busy(?), I’ve rounded some of those eggs up to share with you (you’re welcome). Here’s some “food” for thought.

The first egg was not hard to find. Its the AI (artificial intelligence) egg colored in bright orange. Of course anything AI stands out. So what’s in the AI egg? EVERYTHING! AI is a systemic game changer. The AI egg (btw, its a HUGE egg) has Generative AI, Responsible AI and Self-optimizing AI in it. Complicated, but lets keep it really simple. Artificial intelligence can fly a fighter jet (all by itself) 25 feet above the ground at 700mph, brush your teeth with an AI toothbrush and EVERYTHING in between. Its so massive. The bunny had trouble hiding that egg.

The “bitcoin egg” is really popular. Colored red because its red hot, the “bitcoin egg” just keeps getting bigger and bigger and hard to catch. There are fewer and fewer of them and their value is increasing constantly. Grab that “bitcoin egg” NOW!

One of the hardest eggs to find is the “interest rate egg.” It keeps being hidden in different places. Painted in a very opaque white the egg supposedly holds a Fed interest rate cut. Maybe there is no such egg.

Now the “inflation eggs” are everywhere. Easy to see and not hard to find. Some of the green colored eggs contain climbing oil prices, some have ever higher food prices, a couple of them have crazy housing prices and the rest have various high prices. You don’t have to look hard for those eggs.

But the best Easter eggs to find just contain good old food. Egg salad? Scrambled eggs? Quiche? Hard boiled? Thank you Easter Bunny. Hop along now.


Bill Taylor is the CEO of Digital Wealth News and AI & Finance and a 40+ year veteran of the financial markets.  You can also ready his weekly musings on BTC, ETH, Gold & S&P500 at “The Taylor Market Report“.