Top 5 VC AI Deals of the Week in AI (3/29/24)


What an incredibly diverse group of companies (and categories) make up our top 5 venture-funded AI deals for the past week.  

And btw, this week CoPilot cooperated again, and helped us pull the information for this column.  So far, it’s worked 2 out of the 3 times, and as we’ve noted before, the info you get fed pretty much never ends up as the final form, but we’ve come to view it as a great research tool.  And we choose to inform you of this so we are a) being transparent about using AI as a research tool in our content creation, and b) so you can better understand how the technology is working in real world, day-by-day examples.

So, for those of you who think you type a query into an AI such as Copilot and it just spits out the perfect content that then gets published verbatim, that ain’t how it works.

All that said, insurance, 3D gaming, geothermal technology, healthcare and workflow automation were all major investing themes in AI for the week, and we’re starting to see many of the same investors we’ve seen for years on the fintech deals at Digital Wealth News. The money is CLEARLY flowing for artificial intelligence innovation!

  1. Kaedim – Kaedim streamlines the 3D creative process for game developers and interactive entertainment creators
    • Funding Amount: $15 million
    • Funding Round: Series A
    • Investors: A16z Games, Pioneer Fund,Scott Gelb, Nate Mitchell, Eden Chen & Siqi Chen, etc.
  2. Quaise Energy – Quaise Energy is a terawatt-scale geothermal company
    • Funding Amount: $21 million
    • Funding Round: Series A1
    • Investors: Prelude Ventures, Safar Partners, Mitsubishi Corporation & Standard Investments
  3. Vouch – Vouch provides business insurance for high-growth companies
    • Funding Amount: $25 million in Series C-1 funding.
    • Funding Round: Series C-1
    • Investors: Ribbit Capital
  4. Nanonets – Nanonets offers an AI-based workflow automation platform for business processes
    • Funding Amount: $29 million
    • Funding Round: Series B
    • Investors: Accel, Elevation Capital, YCombinator, etc.
  5. CodeMatrix – CodeMatrix focuses on providing an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for healthcare and revenue cycle management
    • Funding Amount: $40 million
    • Funding Round: Series B fu
    • Investors: SignalFire. Frist Cressey Ventures (FCV), Martin Ventures, Yale Medicine, CU Healthcare Innovation Fund & Mass General Brigham physician organizations

These funding rounds reflect the continued interest and investment in AI technologies, driving innovation and growth in the industry. As companies develop cutting-edge solutions, investors recognize the potential impact of AI across various domains .

Written by DWN/AI&F Staff with research assistance from CoPilot