Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in Fintech (3/25/24)

Digital Wealth News Continues our Weekly Series Covering the Largest VC Deals of the Week Worldwide in Fintech


Capital is flowing, and the pace is slowing…

Many funding deals are still happening, but at lower dollars, and M&A has slowed. And that may be a good thing.

The past focused on fast growth, over-hiring, mergers and acquisitions, and unicorn births. Today, a much leaner model and strategic growth take the front stage before VCs write checks. Q1 rounds out at a slower pace, with lower funding and new business models that may help make startups last.

Some notable trends this week…

  • Foreign deals outpace U.S. deals 3:1
  • Domestic VCs pull back, and the rest of the world’s VCs continue the momentum.
  • New VCs making their debut into the millions

Up next are this week’s top 5 VC deals…


$69M, Capital| Equity | Cayman Islands | Blockchain | Brevan Howard Digital, Framework Ventures |

LinkedIn Overview:

“Berachain is a high-performance EVM-compatible blockchain built on Proof-of-Liquidity consensus. Proof-of-Liquidity is a novel consensus mechanism that aims to align network incentives, creating strong synergy between Berachain validators and the ecosystem of projects.

2Figure Technologies

$60M, Series A, Capital| Equity | SF | Blockchain | Jump Crypto, Pantera Capital, Lightspeed Faction, Distributed Global, Ribbit Capital, CMT Digital |

LinkedIn Overview:

Figure Pay, a subsidiary of Figure Technologies, provides a scalable, quick-to-market Banking as a Service (BaaS) API-based platform, solving both business and consumer banking challenges, all in one efficient solution...


$60M, Capital | Equity| Israeli | Fintech | Riverwood Capital, Silver Lake Waterman, Advent |

Website Description:

“Automatically (and accurately) scan, find, and classify the data that matters most to you – wherever it lives, whatever it is, at petabyte scale…

4Succinct Labs

$55M, Seed and Series A, Capital| Equity | SF | Blockchain | Paradigm, Robot Ventures, Bankless Ventures, Geometry, ZK Validator, Sandeep Nailwal, Daniel Lubarov, Sreeram Kannan |

Website Description:

“Making zero-knowledge proofs accessible to any developer…”


$52M, Series B, Capital |Equity | NYC | Fintech | Fidelity International Strategic Ventures, BGV, Move Capital, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Brian Halligan, HSBC, XAnge, Energy Impact Partners |

LinkedIn Description:

“Greenly makes carbon accounting and management precise and intuitive for your company, allowing you to fast-track you transition towards net-zero-carbon economy…”

We’ll be back next week with more news on fintech VC funding.