Seasoned FinTech Executive John F. Sweeney Joins AlphaTrAI as its New President


San Diego-based AlphaTrAI, a technology consulting and service provider for the wealth and asset management industry, recently announced the appointment of John F. Sweeney as the firm’s new President. According to a recent announcement, the firm, which leverages artificial intelligence and applied technologies to drive automation and efficiency into the wealth and asset management industries, will look to Sweeney – a financial services industry veteran and Fintech entrepreneur to lead the firm in implementing its vision. He will report directly to AlphaTrAI’s CEO and Chairman Bill Dwyer.

John Sweeney, President | AlphaTrAI

“John’s deep expertise in technology, broad competencies in the wealth management space and understanding of the challenges and opportunities of entrepreneurship and consulting make him the perfect addition to our team,” said Mr. Dwyer. “From start-ups to industry stalwarts, he has made his mark, helping to drive the design, development and distribution of many of the world’s largest and most successful asset management and wealth management platforms. John’s a business builder who not only stays ahead of the curve, but who can see around corners to maximize outcomes.”

Mr. Sweeney’s professional experience includes stints at Momentum Capital Partners, LLC, a consulting and advisory services firm he founded; Osprey Funds, an investment manager that built tradable investment products on top of digital assets and NFTs (non-fungible tokens; Figure Technologies, a FinTech unicorn building Business to Consumer (B2C) financial products on top of a Business to Business (B2B) blockchain called Provenance; and Fidelity Investments, where he headed several areas and where he and his team built the firm’s first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF), first retail Separately Managed Account (SMA) and first Unified Managed Account (UMA).

“I’ve enjoyed a dynamic professional career that has incorporated emerging technologies to drive better customer experiences, operational efficiencies and investment outcomes,” said Mr. Sweeney. “I’ve been watching Bill and his team at AlphaTrAI do extraordinary things at the intersection of AI and portfolio construction. To find myself leading this team of brilliant scientists, innovative technicians and business visionaries is truly energizing. We’re breaking ground, pushing barriers and embarking on a new frontier in the financial services space.”

Commenting on the range of Mr. Sweeney’s experience, Mr. Dwyer jokingly told Digital Wealth News, “In Hollywood they talk about ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,’ the premise being that any industry insider can be connected to Kevin Bacon by six or fewer people. In wealthtech, we’ve got Six Degrees of John Sweeney. The depth and breadth of John’s experience across multiple enterprises, including asset management, wealth management, FinTech, private equity, blockchain, emerging technologies and consulting, are wildly impressive. All the colleagues and peers I’ve spoken to in the wealth management space have worked with John themselves or know someone who has. That kind of far-ranging recognition and exposure among our industry’s premier innovators and visionaries speaks to John’s acumen, insight and skill.”