Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in AI (4/12/24)


We’re continuing to see great variety in the categories comprising our top 5 venture-funded AI deals for the past week.  

The recent wave of venture funding in the AI sector underscores a burgeoning interest among investors, with a clear focus on a variety of applications ranging from healthcare to legal services.

The diversity in the applications of AI across these top-funded ventures—from healthcare and legal to creative video production and coding—reflects the technology’s vast potential to innovate and enhance various sectors. Notably, the involvement of renowned firms like Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia, and Kleiner Perkins underscores the confidence in AI’s ability to offer groundbreaking solutions and its place as a pivotal area of investment for the future.

Below are the top 5 venture-funded AI deals that highlight the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, with the help of some research via ChatGPT and the website TopStartups.

  1. Mistral AI – Based in Paris, France, Mistral AI is making significant strides in developing open-weight models that rival proprietary solutions, marking a groundbreaking advancement in the AI field
    • Funding Amount: $415M
    • Funding Round: Series A
    • Investors: Andreessen Horowitz
  2. Harvey – Harvey, headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, provides AI solutions tailored for legal professionals, demonstrating the potential of AI to revolutionize traditional industries​
    • Funding Amount: $80M
    • Funding Round Series B
    • Investors: Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins
  3. Synthesia – Operating out of London, England, Synthesia is at the forefront of creating AI avatars that produce professional-grade videos in minutes, showcasing the creative potential of AI​
    • Funding Amount: $90M
    • Funding Round: Series C
    • Investors: Kleiner Perkins
  4. Ambience – Ambience, a San Francisco-based company, is leading the development of AI operating systems for healthcare organizations, illustrating AI’s transformative impact on healthcare​
    • Funding Amount: $70M
    • Firm Round: Series B
    • Investors: Kleiner Perkins
  5. Codeium –  Also based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Codeium offers modern coding enhancements through AI, representing the burgeoning intersection of AI and software development​
    • Funding Amount: $65M Series
    • Funding Round: Series B
    • Investors: Kleiner Perkins

As AI continues to evolve, we will no doubt continue to see more big numbers in funding.  Make sure to check this column out every week!