Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in AI (4/19/24)


This week we continue our series on the top 5 VC-funded deals in AI.

This week’s winners included the gaming sector (which seems to be getting a lot of AI funding), a new blockchain/AI VC fund, a firm offering insurance for companies utilizing AI (isn’t that interesting?!), and firms using AI for a healthcare and business processes.

Below are the top 5 venture-funded AI deals for the past week that highlight the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, with the help of some research via ChatGPT (Though it didn’t make my job very easy this week!  But I digress!).

  1. Kaedim – Kaedim streamlines the 3D creative process for game developers and interactive entertainment creators.
    • Funding Amount: $15 million USD
    • Funding Round: Series A
    • Investors: A16z Games, Pioneer Fund, Scott Gelb (prior Pres. of Games of Riot Games), Nate Mitchell (Oculus co-founder), Eden Chen (Pragma CEO) & Siqi Chen (Runway CEO) plus others.
  2. Contago Digital Assets – VC Firm behind BLOCKCHAIN X AI fund
    • Funding Amount: $5 million
    • Funding Round: Seed Fund
    • Investors: Dean Skurka, the CEO of  WonderFi, Richard Ma, CEO of Quantstamp, and Mario Casiraghi, CFO of SingularityNET
  3. Vouch – Vouch offers AI insurance for high-growth companies
    • Funding Amount: $25 million USD
    • Funding Round: Series C-1
    • Investors: Led by Ribbit Capital
  4. Nanonets – Nanonets offers an AI-based workflow automation platform for business processes
    • Funding Amount: $29 million USD
    • Funding Round: Series B
    • Investors: Accel India
  5. CodeMatrix – CodeMatrix focuses on providing an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for healthcare and revenue cycle management
    • Funding Amount: Raised $40 million
    • Funding Round: Series B
    • Investors: Transformation Capital,  SignalFire, and Frist Cressey Ventures

These funding rounds highlight the growing interest and investment in AI-driven technologies across various sectors.

Make sure to check back weekly here for our “Top 5 VC AI Deals of the Week in AI”!