Top 10 VC Deals of the Week in AI (5/3/24)


This week we continue our series on the top VC-funded deals in AI.

We promised early on with the launch of AI & Finance™  that we may experiment with the various columns as we progress, and today we are.

Turns out that writing this column on the top funded VC deals in AI weekly has been quite “interesting” to research, and using AI to help in that process has also been quite the challenge.  We’ve found frequently in an AI query that info gets pulled that is accurate but is also months old – and it’s pulled because the company’s funding round (which happened at an earlier time) is mentioned in a current post that week, so the AI interprets the funding round as being current – when it is not.

Anyway, this week, we got on a roll and decided to feature the top 10 VC fundings in AI.  We were just feeling it! 🙂

Meanwhile, overall, AI-focusesd companies continue to get substantical VC funding, as you’ll see below.

OH – and btw – we have NOT listed the FREAKING HUGE $6B funding round on Elon Musk’s xAI platform.  It was covered extensively this past week in the tech press, but has not been officially announced yet as having closed.  As soon as it is “official”, you’ll see it here!


  1. Blaize
    • Description: El Dorado Hills, CA-based AI computing developer providing edge computing solutions
    • Funding Amount: $106M
    • Funding Round: Not specified
    • Investors: Bess Ventures, Franklin Templeton, DENSO, Mercedes Benz, and Temasek and new investors Rizvi Traverse, Ava Investors and BurTech LP LLC.
  2. FlexAI
    • Description: Paris, France-based AI compute company
    • Funding Amount: $30M
    • Funding Round: Seed
    • Investors: Alpha Intelligence Capital, Elaia Partners, and Heartcore Capita
  3. Inhabitr
    • Description: A San Francisco, CA-based AI-powered commercial real estate furnishing platform
    • Funding Amount: $27M
    • Funding Round: Series B
    • Investors: Led by Hamilton Ventures + other RE concerns
  4. FinQuery
    • Description: Formerly known as LeaseQuery, an Atlanta, GA-based provider of AI-powered solutions built to manage companies’ largest areas of spend
    • Funding Amount: $25M
    • Funding Round: Minority Investment
    • Investors: Periphas Capital, Lavelle Capital
  5. Nooks
    • Description: San Francisco, CA-based AI dialing & prospecting platform
    • Funding Amount: $22M
    • Funding Round: Series A
    • Investors: Lachy Groom, Tola Capital and Stifel Venture Banking
  6. Sublime Security
    • Description: Washington, DC-based provider of an AI-powered, programmable email security platform
    • Funding Amount: $20M
    • Funding Round: Series A
    • Investors: Index Ventures, Decibel Partners, Slow Ventures, Dmitri Alperovitch
  7. Dropzone AI
    • Description: Seattle, WA-based developer of AI security analysts for security operations teams
    • Funding Amount: $16.85M
    • Funding Round: Series A
    • Investors:  Theory Ventures, Decibel Partners, Pioneer Square Ventures, In-Q-Tel (IQT), Garrett Held, Joshua Scott, and Anshu Gupta
  8. Trovo Health
    • Description: NYC-based provider of an AI-powered platform helping health providers extend their capabilities
    • Funding Amount: $15M
    • Funding Round: Seed
    • Investor: Oak HC/FT
  9. Treefera
    • Description: London, UK-based provider of an AI-enabled data management platform
    • Funding Amount: $12M
    • Funding Round: Series A
    • Investor: AlbionVC
  10. Carv
    • Description: Santa Clara, CA-based modular data layer for gaming and AI.
    • Funding Amount: $10M
    • Funding Round: Series A
    • Investors: Tribe Capital, IOSG Ventures,  Consensys, OKX Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, No Limit Holdings, Draper Dragon, Arweave, LiquidX, MARBLEX, etc.

Article wirtten by DWN Staff
Research Source: FinSMEs