Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in AI (5/17/24)


This week we continue our series on the top 5 VC-funded deals in AI.

This week the funding amounts dropped off quite a bit and there were fewer funded deals worldwide in AI.  Hard to know why, but we suspect the industry is still getting its footing.

This week’s funding winners in were within the following sectors: energy markets, scientific research, healthcare payments, industrial energy usage and presentations – so once again, a diverse group.

Below are the top 5 venture-funded AI deals for the past week…

  1. enspired
    • Location: Vienna, Austria
    • Description: enspired is an AI-based power trading company, leveraging advanced algorithms to optimize energy markets.
    • Funding Amount: $32 million (Series B funding)
  2. Nabla Bio
    • Location: Cambridge, MA
    • Description: Nabla Bio focuses on developing AI and wet-lab technologies for scientific research and discovery.
    • Funding Amount: $26 million (Series A funding)
  3. Sift Healthcare
    • Location: Milwaukee, WI
    • Description: Sift Healthcare provides AI-powered solutions for healthcare payment processing and revenue cycle management.
    • Funding Amount: $20 million (Series B funding)
  4. Ndustrial
    • Location: Raleigh, NC
    • Description: Ndustrial offers an AI-powered energy intensity platform for industrial operations, helping companies optimize energy usage.
    • Funding Amount: $18.5 million (Series B funding)
  5. Gamma
    • Location: San Francisco, CA
    • Description: Gamma provides an AI-powered presentation platform, enhancing communication and collaboration.
    • Funding Amount: $12 million (Series A funding)

These companies are at the forefront of AI innovation, and their funding rounds demonstrate the growing interest in AI technologies.

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Written Researched by DWN Staff/ VC Deals Synopsized by CoPilot
Research Source: FinSMEs