What To Watch is Very Confusing


Financial markets dull? Business slow? Have a lot of “free time?” Certainly a lot of “free time” can cause a lot of angst and a wealth of confusion if you aren’t used to it.

There are no lack of options to occupy the slow time in the markets. Heck no. It’s just choosing which option is right for you. Of course you can always change your mind and shift your full attention somewhere else, but lets look at some suggestions. Actually some of these things may cause an increase in financial activity…………maybe at some point.

How about constantly watching a trial on television?

Oh not just any trial. The trial of former President Trump. This is even better than watching Judge Judy. I mean it’s got lots of juicy testimony. Sex (graphic sex, too), personal vendettas and “analysts” commenting on every facial expression. You can watch with others (at your own peril) and have discussions on whether witnesses are 1) credible, 2) lying, 3) dressed well 4) not dressed well or 5) whatever comes to mind. Guilty? Jail time? Led off in handcuffs? Uh, maybe your “free time” is best spent somewhere else.

How about following the war?

Yup, the ongoing Israel vs Hamas, maybe Hezbollah with a touch of Iran. Will Israel receive the promised U.S. weapons? Will they be allowed to actually use them? Will Hamas really free prisoners and honor a cease fire? Again, you have time to discuss with friends and just to liven things up, why not invite a Palestinian protester to join. OK, maybe not. Being short in a huge market rally might be more pleasant.

There’s always sports!

I mean what could cause you to relax and get your mind off the markets more than watching your favorite team win, or collapse from a big lead and lose. Lots of choices. The NBA and NHL playoffs, baseball and even golf. Or, if you have all cable channels, the Fargo Junior High girls field hockey game against rival Grand Forks. THAT would even make the financial markets a better option.

So now that grade school, middle school, high school and college graduations are winding down and markets are dull, what are you going to do? (Not Disneyland….that’s brutal.)  Lots of choices. I recommend a whole lot of napping by a pool or on the beach. It’s going to be a long summer.