What? Me Worry? Why?


Surrender. Its the only way to stay sane (if that’s possible).

Why get all wrapped up in the news, which shifts hourly, and try and figure out how financial markets will react? It’s too much. So, why worry?

After re-reading my article of last week (2024…..Part 2) and pondering all the things that may happen in the second half of the year, I realized there’s not a damn thing I could do about any of it. So, when there are things that are out of your control, why bother worrying about it? Actually that’s pretty profound. Remind me later to follow my own advice.

Not surprisingly the past couple of weeks, including the presidential ‘debate,’ have brought to light what everyone (well, almost everyone) already knew; the U.S. president has “aging issues.” Kudos to the media for sheltering the news for quite some time, not cool but diabolically nicely done. Which only raises the suspicion that ALL news should not be taken at face value.

So let’s go through a few worrisome events that may surface in the next few months. Let’s start with our very own President of the U.S. Will he step aside? Will he be the party’s candidate? How will that affect financial markets? You, me and the entire population have no clue (only hypothetical guesses), so why worry? Sit back, chuckle and shake your head.

Interest rates and the economy? Are any of the “official” government economic numbers accurate? Do you have more information than the Fed (or BlackRock)? If not (highly probable), relax and wait for things to play out. No worries.

Wars? Decline of America? Political divide? Inflation? Cost of living? Stock market? Real estate? Etc, etc etc. Worried? Why? You can’t control any of that.

Once you realize you can’t control any real, or perceived, event and the media is not “on the up and up,” you can kick back, enjoy summer and give up worrying. Oh, but just in case, keep some cash in the dresser and stock up on vodka (or your choice). When you have that stashed away, then you really won’t have to worry.