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AI EDUCATION: What is Google AI?

We imagine that headline got your attention.  If you don't know who Google is by now, you've been living under a rock INSIDE of...

AI REGS & RISK: Could AI Run Amok? Some People Are Starting to Think...

By Greg Woolf, AI RegRisk Think Tank Remember how the internet was created as a wonderful tool to share information for the greater social good—connecting...

DWN Publisher Notes For 6/12/24

Friends, we had an amazing trip to TX (except for the Nvidia stock split, but that's a diff story), and now we're back at it!  Meanwhile the TX Stock Exchange was announced and it seems like fintech & AI keep rolling, despite ongoing geopolitical uncertainty...READ UP!

MARTECH MINUTES: Why Becoming a Thought Leader is Vital for Advisors

When your target audience considers you a thought leader who provides answers and knowledge relevant to their circumstances, you've won against your competition.

AI & Finance™ | News for the Week Ending 6/7/24

Months after launching AI and Finance, the world is still in the extremely early stages of integrating artificial intelligence technology with the financial services...

AI EDUCATION: What is Voice Cloning?

Each week we find a new topic for our readers to learn about in our AI Education column.  This week, we are looking into...

Decentralized Diaries for the Week of 6/4/24

Legislation had twists and turns, with the Federal Government giving little indication of its (proper) intentions. That did not stop some government agencies from...

DWN Publisher Notes For 6/5/24

Friends, we're traveling this week to the Dallas area, but the newsletter & website are still chock full of great news & industry info plus insight into the dark side of AI & a look at the latest cohort from wealthtech accelerator The Founders Arena...READ UP!!

WEALTHTECH 3.0: Going Beyond the Tech

While traditional 'branding' is a familiar concept, building a personal brand for the founder and key team members is a distinct endeavor and extends beyond the company and the logo, beginning with integrity.

Advisor Tech Talk (Week of 6/4/24)

The 100,000th Certified Financial Planner has been named, and she’s a 31-year-old millennial woman from Bedminster, N.J. named Simone Lee—a second-generation...