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The Taylor Market Report (5/28/24)

Interest rates are not going down. If rates sitting where they are can't get inflation under 3%, what will it take to get inflation down to the fed's target of 2%?? Answer? Higher rates.

AI & Finance™ | News for the Week Ending 5/24/24

Artificial intelligence in finance is going to change the way we think about and work with money—some of those changes will come quickly, others...

AI & Finance™ | News for the Week Ending 5/10/24

We’re coming up on the four-month anniversary for AI & Finance™, but it seems like we’ve been writing about the artificial intelligence revolution brewing...

DWN Publisher Notes For 5/1/24

Friends, we have some fascinating content this week - including a look at the difference between financial wellness and financial independence, how women are evolving the wealthtech industry (and the challenges they still face) and two very different but compelling looks at the marketing landscape in the finserv currently. READ UP!

Confusing & Complicated Markets. Thank Goodness for Vodka.

Not during the day. Talking about the vodka. But, figuring out confusing, complicated financial markets and global events is an all day job. Then when...

AI & Finance™ | News for the Week Ending 4/26/24

In yet another busy week for financial AI, a clear pattern emerged: Insurtech, or technology used by the insurance industry and insurance consumers, is...

DWN Publisher Notes For 4/17/24

Friends, this week Bill Taylor ponders the question - is Jay Powell about to be out of a job? We also delve into the ramifications of the coming bitcoin halving event. And of course, each week we provide all the news you can use in digital wealth, decentralized finance, fintech venture capital deals and wealthtech. READ UP!

The Week in Digital Wealth (4/15/24)

Industry tailspins are (no longer) a thing. It remains to be seen how this uptrend will be maintained, with partnerships dictating the pace of...

Top 5 VC Deals of the Week in Fintech (3/18/24)

Action sprinkled with advice... It's a new game for startups, with the days of multi-million funding deals over. Before opening their checkbooks,...

AI & Finance™ | News for the Week Ending 2/9/24

A lot is happening in the AI universe – so much that it doesn’t make sense for us to single out any particular piece...